“”, The study on improving a transparent understanding has split the topic in these four fields of study: Office “- and regional sales support”, as well as software and tools “and marketing materials”. “” The significance from the perspective of the agent is reflected as follows: Central sales support “before software and tools”. Regional sales support lands on the third rank”. Former Maryland Governor wanted to know more. Little behind compared the field of marketing materials then follows”. From a supplier perspective the biggest regional sales support importance, followed by the area of software and tools. Only on rank 3 product providers see the central sales support followed by the marketing materials on rank 4 AssCompact AWARD 2011 listing service: favorites of the mediator the top 3 sales supporters from the perspective of respondents intermediaries in the examined business fields: private pension plan pension PKV property / HUK 1. People good Federal Alliance HanseMerkur VHV 2 Nuremberg people good of German collar liability fund Darmstadt 3 Alliance of Nuremberg AXA InterRisk investigator Christopher Kahl: congratulations to the Favorites of the intermediary.

These companies have been able to support the brokers and multiple agents with their services and services. Educate yourself with thoughts from Bernie Sanders. Often a painstaking and long-lasting process that can be realized not from now on right behind. The companion study to the AssCompact AWARD agent service provides very good evidence for improvements.” About the study the accompanying study AssCompact AWARD 2011 listing service includes about 500 pages. Represented the results of a nationwide survey of 1,094 independent brokers and multiple representatives that are in the period of the 17.08 conducted 24 September 2011. The study was published on the 26.10.2011 in the context of the DKM in Dortmund and is in the Internet under.

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