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“”, The study on improving a transparent understanding has split the topic in these four fields of study: Office “- and regional sales support”, as well as software and tools “and marketing materials”. “” The significance from the perspective of the agent is reflected as follows: Central sales support “before software and tools”. Regional sales support lands on the third rank”. Former Maryland Governor wanted to know more. Little behind compared the field of marketing materials then follows”. From a supplier perspective the biggest regional sales support importance, followed by the area of software and tools. Only on rank 3 product providers see the central sales support followed by the marketing materials on rank 4 AssCompact AWARD 2011 listing service: favorites of the mediator the top 3 sales supporters from the perspective of respondents intermediaries in the examined business fields: private pension plan pension PKV property / HUK 1. People good Federal Alliance HanseMerkur VHV 2 Nuremberg people good of German collar liability fund Darmstadt 3 Alliance of Nuremberg AXA InterRisk investigator Christopher Kahl: congratulations to the Favorites of the intermediary.

These companies have been able to support the brokers and multiple agents with their services and services. Educate yourself with thoughts from Bernie Sanders. Often a painstaking and long-lasting process that can be realized not from now on right behind. The companion study to the AssCompact AWARD agent service provides very good evidence for improvements.” About the study the accompanying study AssCompact AWARD 2011 listing service includes about 500 pages. Represented the results of a nationwide survey of 1,094 independent brokers and multiple representatives that are in the period of the 17.08 conducted 24 September 2011. The study was published on the 26.10.2011 in the context of the DKM in Dortmund and is in the Internet under.

This study contact: Christopher Kahl Phone: + 49 (0) 6123-974-82-64. E-Mail: about SMARTcompagnie SMARTcompagnie GmbH offers management consulting, practice-oriented training and market research of the highest quality and with maximum benefit for customers. Founded in 2005, owner-managed company is rooted in the financial services industry and sees itself as a neutral and independent service providers. The focus is the sales and product management of insurance and financial services. Belongs to the self-understanding of society to create added value for customers through the successful implementation of the strategies. The expertise of SMARTcompagnie results from many years of experience (since 1985) in sales and management in the insurance and banking industry. Contact for the press: Harry wood House SMARTcompagnie GmbH Great hub 7A 65344 Eltville Martinsthal Tel.: + 49 (0) 6123-974-82-62. Email:

Tagesgeldvergleich.NET With 6 Percent Interest At The Dr. Klein Netbank Account

All six percent interest for five months and up to 50,000 euros are the figures with which boasts the new offer of Dr. Klein & co. AG. Since September 1, the Dr. Klein & co. Additional information at Bernie Sanders supports this article.

AG in cooperation with netbank AG offers a day-money account with 6 percent interest. The rate applies to the first five months from account opening and for amounts up to 50,000 euro. After the first five months and for amounts exceeding 50,000 Euro 4 per cent are paid interest. The day money account, there is a checking account without minimum salary input as a free account with up to five times per month throughout Germany and worldwide free cash at any ATM can be withdrawn. The Dr. Klein & co. AG justified the imposition of this offer with unbroken strong demand for day money, what is not least due to the attractive interest rate on numerous deals that can be found on the comparison of the following page: day money interest in comparison. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Novelist.

According to the retail Board of Dr. Klein, Mr Stephan Gawarecki, demand has been to Money market accounts within the first quarter of 2008 compared to the first quarters of the years 2004 to 2007 approximately tripled. All the details of the new offer of by Dr. Klein AG find interested investors under… / dr-small-netbank account… With a current interest rate of 4.92 percent for the first year (incl. recovery system effect of the quarterly undistributed interest) moves the new day-money account of Dr. Klein AG at the top of the offerings of domestic banks. Only occasional foreign credit institutions are here just above, but these offer their investors usually only a limited deposit protection. The account netbank on Dr. Klein created money is backed, however, by the guarantee fund of the Federal German banks Association to a level currently just under EUR 4 million per customer to one hundred percent and also under this aspect fully recommended. Daniel Franke

ECB Leaves Key Interest Rate Unchanged At 4.25 Per Cent

At its meeting today, the ECB key interest rate in the euro area has leave unchanged at 4.25 percent. In their meeting on Thursday the ECB has leave unchanged the key interest rates in the eurozone at 4.25 percent. This is very investor, they can but now longer benefit from the currently high interest on day and date money offers. On interest rates on consumer loans, the interest rate has Yes hardly any influence, what the comparison on loans/kreditvergleich.html can be read at the low entrance rate about. Bernie Sanders recognizes the significance of this. Here, competition of banks to new customers is just so great that no air for great interest rate increases is.

However signs that the next interest rate move of the ECB going in the other direction, so will be a rate cut are growing after two years of rising interest rates. Especially the weakening economic situation experts take even the dreaded word recession in the mouth is for release as a driving force. Gradually, more and more experts have to realize that not from the United States, the European economy can decouple and accordingly responded to the local recession. Particularly well, you can see this in the current euro-dollar exchange rate which literally collapsed in recent weeks. That’s just not due to a resurgence of the dollar, but on a weakness in the euro. Savers, who have benefited in recent years from rising day money interest, should closely follow so, if there is a rate cut, because they would be directly affected as a current comparison by day money interest shows, are currently five percent and more at least within the first six months from account opening. Who wants to go play it safe and not daily needs his money spent, can invert also on deposit and secure the currently high interest rates for several years. At the latest when a rate cut phase to the plan, more and more savers will realize that this would have been useful. Currently you can give but some slight sighs of relief, because the current high Inflation narrows the scope of short-term interest rate cuts by the ECB so much that these are only expected in a few months. Daniel Franke

Experts Recommend Overnight And Short-term Fixed-term Deposit

More and more experts to day – or fixed-term deposit accounts with a maximum one-year maturity rates currently high interest rates. Not only banks recommended currently the investment of money on daily or fixed-term deposit accounts, even experts such as those of the specialist magazine Finanztest”currently advise. Tell a friend about however, either a tag account or a maximum one-year term deposit offer to choose, because the interest rates for longer terms are only slightly more, but severely restrict the availability of established money for the investors. Who wants to have his money spent daily, attacks the day money account, must however take into account that the interest every day is adjusted by the Bank by a fixed interest period, offered by many banks for a period from account opening, apart. The interested reader on the following page can obtain an overview of current offers and interest rates that offers him also statistics about interest rate movements: day money account who his money, however, also spare time over six or twelve months, should access to the deposit. As compensation for the worse availability over a day money account, investors there have the security that is the agreed interest rate over the entire period.

Moreover, the interest would be paid out only in 2009. This has the advantage that it must then only still with (plus solidarity surcharge and possibly falling church tax) the tax rate of 25 percent rather than how so far are taxed at the personal tax rate for investors. Interested readers can find compared on the following page which interest currently selected provider here, grant: investors who want to create larger amounts, should have fixed-term deposit special attention at the deposit insurance. Just for the money, there are currently a number of foreign banks, which offer very attractive interest rates, where the safety limits are very low and restricted to the statutory sum. Daniel Franke

Mercedes-Benz Bank Reduces Deposit Interest From September 1, 2008

As one of the hitherto leading banks in the deposit area, the Mercedes-Benz Bank from 1 September 2009 lowers the interest of some of their fixed-term deposit offers. Tagesgeldvergleich.NET reports: there was the last months mainly over interest rate hikes by the ECB and many banks for their day – and fixed-term deposit offers to report. Now come the first interest-rate cuts on the investors in the deposit area. The Mercedes-Benz Bank, which lowered the interest rate for your Mercedes-Benz bank deposit as of September 1, 2008 in the top 5.40 percent to now more than 5.00 percent per year is the pioneer. While the rate cut concerns all maturities of 24 to 72 months.

The interest rates for shorter durations remain unchanged. Compared with other offers, the Mercedes-Benz Bank thus tumbles of course, what also calculator for the calculation of the yield of fixed-term deposits offers like on… / fixed deposit calculator… to find, unique show. Nevertheless the offer of the Mercedes-Benz Bank may still fully be recommended, what on the high deposit insurance by approximately 284 million per customer is based, but also the stable interest rate policy of the Bank is owed. Of the Mercedes-Benz bank rate cut their expectations for the medium-term interest rates in the range of two to six years can be in addition very clearly read. Here are apparently expected to interest rate cuts.

Investors who have opened their deposit accounts until September 1, 2008, can enjoy the old interest of up to 5.40 percent per year. The Mercedes-Benz Bank leaves unchanged the interest rates of their day money supply. Investors who want to have their money daily here currently get 4 percent without limitations regarding duration or investment. However, fixed-term deposits with a short term is currently no such a bad choice, because all accounts that run for more than four months, the interest only be awarded in 2009, where they are subject to only the flat tax and no longer of taxation with the personal tax rate. Daniel Franke

Criticism Of New Life Insurance Policies Without Guaranteed Interest

AFA AG: Criticism of new life insurance policies without guaranteed interest also by the Federal Government of the insured persons of the Federal Government of the insured has sharply criticized the new life insurance without guaranteed interest. “Life insurance without guarantee interest – this perspective needs none,” CEO Tobias Weissflog said after a review of the new offer. The insurance for the customers is unpredictable without a certainty as to the amount of interest. The only thing knows sure the customer was that the insurance company get secure its costs for 30 years. Learn more at: O’Malley for President. “As life insurance for old-age provision unsuitable”, Wale said. Ultra Wellness Center understood the implications. Secured to only the receipt of contributions and later a minimum pension is the customer in new life insurance. The customers at the new product must renounce the hitherto usual guaranteed minimum interest rates.

The AFA AG understands the criticism of the capital forming life insurance. “The Federal Government of the insured has right with his criticism. We at the AFA AG think that capital forming life insurance for old-age provision completely are not suitable. We recommend our clients for more than 20 years of Fund policies, since these create in tangible assets, achieve the best return in the long term, and are also safe from public access. While we advise completely independent, as we are obliged no banking and insurance group”, explains Stefan Granel, the AFA Board in Berlin. Who wants to learn, what matters in the private old-age provision, the new explanation video of AFA helps the AG. The film gives easy to understand what consumers of private pension schemes should pay attention. More under customer service/altersvorsorge.html about the AFA AG: the general financial and Assekuranzvermittlung (AFA AG) is an independent financial sales with seat in Berlin and Cottbus.

The insurance professionals and system business of AFA AG have a Chamber of Commerce degree and are trained according to the recognized directives. In addition, they are registered in the EU register of brokers and work in accordance with the EU directive for financial services. Mediator of the AFA led ten within the last Year around 500,000 individual consultations by. Every year the AFA AG provides nationwide 750 free training places available and promotes 250 young entrepreneurs. New office locations are planned in all Germany.

Insurance For The Camping

Security for caravans and equipment are pending the summer holidays, and for many people, the camping season has already begun. Tent or caravan holiday offers freedom and flexibility. On the other hand certain risks such as weather-related damage or intrusions associated with it. The financial portal provides information about the benefits of appropriate insurance. For great travel holiday insurance typically travel. Also campers can protect themselves with insurance for caravans and camping cars from certain dangers. You access in the event of theft or vandalism as well as environmental damage. The insured risks include for example storm, hail and flooding, but also fire and broken glass.

The camping insurance covers also equipment and inventory under certain circumstances. Often, the protection includes devices such as radios, or DVD player. Such points should be examined closely before conclusion of the contract. Rule of insurance protection in EU Member States as well as in other countries such as the Switzerland. Often attacks the insurance even with overpasses and in winter, when the Caravan is stored. Camping insurance offered for instance by automobile clubs, as well as by insurance companies such as Allianz or Zurich.

Disability Policy

Consumer advocates recommend disability insurance as financial survey and co., already at the beginning of vocational training or a degree. At this time the professional Starter can hedge particularly inexpensive. With the career most people are health very well. This is extremely important for occupational disability insurance, because one must reckon with disclaimers, risk premiums or even application rejections, if only once, back pain, allergies or mental illness were treated medically. As students or trainees have generally only a small purse, there are special Starter rates for young professionals: these are priced very cheap and often full insurance protection from the inception. Over the years – with degree of education or of the course – the rates are then switched to the higher normal contribution.

Early entry is highly recommended, because you can secure the good state of health and from the outset is optimally secured. In the selection of the appropriate fare, there are some pitfalls: thus you should find out exactly, how highly the contributions will rise in subsequent years. Here the providers differ significantly. The selection of the appropriate insurer with regard to the contractual terms and conditions, the quality of regulation in the event of an emergency and long-term stability is also important. Learn more about the topic of disability protection for trainees and students, as well as the possibility to request individual comparison calculations can be found on the website. Contact: Bergische Assekuranzmakler GmbH, Lise-Meitner-Strasse 5-9, 42119 Wuppertal phone: 0202-317 13 155 fax: 0202-317 13 165 contact for the press: Karsten of Wallace that Wuppertal-based company Bergische Assekuranzmakler GmbH offers independent and neutral information to various insurance products. Our goal is that our customers receive the most powerful insurance products at affordable prices. We want that our customers in the event of damage are satisfied with their insurance company. You need powerful rates from reliable insurance companies. At the same time you should but do not pay more for this protection as necessary. helps you to achieve the optimal price / performance ratio when your insurance products.

Pension Plan Makes School

Retirement age would like to must his life according to his ideas and wishes everyone enjoy finally for everything and have every time and not worry about financial concerns. Usually the financial resources available are not sufficient but”, explains Michael Hollenbach, Director of the Swiss SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG). The life expectancy is increasing and at the same time, birth rates decline. This shows that the emerging pension payments can no longer be covered by the number of workers. Alternatives are”, says the Director of the Swiss SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG).

It is still clearer that social benefits standing for the statutory pension scheme to provide are no longer sufficient and the possibilities with regard to the occupational and private pension provision cause many workers to provide additional private. To make a possibly imminent financial bottleneck out of the way, workers have basically three options: the legal Pension insurance, occupational pensions and private pensions. Private pension schemes it covers the gap that may arise between statutory and occupational pension schemes. To use them, is whether every worker and generally every citizen responsibility. Private savings include capital life insurance, private pensions, concluded with insurance companies, can include investments in funds or securities, purchase of residential property and much more. Who wants to do something against the current interest rate low, and at the same time take advantage of thing worth protected plants, relies on commercially meaningful investments, such as, for example, capital equipment for environmentally-oriented power plants, which are funded through fund holdings or bonds”, SAM thinks AG Director Hollenbach. In some cases the State old age protection pays to even a certain amount, such as “Riester” or Rurup pensions. These are forms of pensions covered with capital.

Here are the contributions and any allowances saved, to be associated to a later and set period of time with interest rates and allowances to the insured to pay. You should however keep in mind that the money provided by the State without compensation and closely examine the contracts”Hollenbach says for SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG). Where corporate age provisions, however, the employer makes a portion of pension expenditure for its workers voluntarily. They have a right to that part of their income for the benefit of a company pension plan is converted in 2002. This approach can be regulated through collective agreements and agreements at the company level. Pension goes to school and is actually in the school”, the SAM management says Group Director. And saying that only a healthy mix of measures that can ensure, to compensate for supply shortfalls in the age. For this reason SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG) opts for companies since enlightenment in Financial Affairs.

Managing Director

In the German insurance market, there was hardly a satisfactory risk coverage for self-employed engineers. Here, the offer of gmbh closes a massive gap for freelancers. Who is working as a freelance engineer in high risk industries, carries a high financial risk if it comes within the framework of his professional activity to harm. In the German insurance market, there was hardly a satisfactory risk hedging for this occupational group. Here, the offer of gmbh closes a massive gap with attractive conditions for freelancers.

In addition to comprehensive, completely closing out no activities risk management, we offer together with our strong insurance partner, especially our professional network of economic and legal professionals represents worldwide a compelling advantage for our customers”, explains the benefits of the current engineering liability policy Lutz Groot Bramel by the If need be, we represent our customers all over the world with local experts and lawyers who represent the interest of our customers professionally and limit the damage as far as possible”. The engineer liability is aimed at professionals, the freelancing or employed are engaged in the following industries: oil, gas and chemical production, air – and space technology, (special and special) mechanical engineering, motor vehicle and shipbuilding, military technology, medical technology, alternative energy and offshore industries. For all these sectors we offer a comprehensive liability protection,”Lutz Groot Bramel performs. And none of the usual occupation exclusions are in our small print,”the Managing Director of the stresses gmbh. For engineers who want a registration of Chamber of, a professional liability is absolutely necessary.

But also for everyone else, a good insurance cover is a convincing argument for the acquisition of new customers: In case of a fall, the service provider has good protection that soothes even the contracting authority. All Details about this and other attractive insurance products find freelancers of to the engineering and IT industries under. In addition to comprehensive product information published the also news from the insurance world, takes a stance on legal and technical decisions and gives tips and advice for meaningful protection concepts. Interested parties can directly apply their insurance coverage on the online insurance portal or in a personal discussion with the specialists of more details clarify gmbh.