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National Government Communities

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The protocolizaciones and granting of the documents, anticipated in this article must be registered in a nongreater term of 5 working days as of the date of their presentation before the Registry correspondiente.” On the other hand, the Law of Public Registry and the stable Profession of notary: Article 100. They are exentos of the payment of the taxes, rates and other contributions, indicated by this Law, besides the established ones in special laws, the documents that talk about a: 1. Incorporation papers and statutes of the associations of neighbors and associations of consumers, indigenous associations of educative communities and organizations, indigenous micro-enterprises of communitarian character, as well as the acts modify that them, prorogue or extinguish. 2. The declaration sworn of not owning own house. 3. The certifications of burden required to obtain credits with preferential interests through special laws, as well as the originating ones of savings banks, social contingency funds, to acquire main house, to request of the financial institution. 4.

The titles of collective property of habitat and indigenous territories of the towns and communities. 5. The acts derived from the expropiatorios processes because of public and social utility. The industralists or industralists, workers and workers of small, medians and great companies of the industrial sector, who being declared their express will to adhere to the agreement macro of joint responsibility for the industrial transformation, and have arrived ” to certain commitments and subscribed specific agreements with the National Government, they will be exentos of the taxes, rates and other contributions to that east Title talks about. In the next delivery we will deal with the other types credit of residential policy.


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There are dozens of social networks, many generic others with some guidance specifies (collectibles, sports, etc) and all of them offer a set of eigenfunctions of social networks. Then because facebook stands out above the rest? The reason is because Facebook has dozens of features and many of them relate to the personal data that you enter to offer really surprising information. For example, you can find people who studied with you or who worked in some other company where you were, this being undoubtedly the lure of facebook. Do not you think? Facebook also allows you to add dozens of applications customized to your own space and without a doubt is the example of the American dream as google and many others, having only seven years have been created. Learn more about this with Bernie Sanders. Do you have account on facebook? Then congratulations, since accounts in your hands with a powerful tool that you should take advantage today from same. You do not have account on facebook? Then hurry, since if you have 15 minutes of your time and a connection to the internet, will be enough to make you start from today to interact with your friends on facebook.

Regarding this to give you high on facebook just to fill out a small form. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Martin O?Malley. Once registered, you will need to take a few moments to explain as you are, that you like and thus create a profile that pleases first yourself and then others. But happening to something deeper, after created the profile, we ask ourselves: who are the groups of facebook? Facebook groups are a great way of creating spaces themed and homogeneous in which you and your friends can chat on your topics of interest that they relate to the group. Groups have special communication systems between members, such as the possibility to send quickly a mass message to all registrants within the group or create a forum for discussion.


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Gas, oil and coal are fragments of the past, only who they want – it is just those of their mines and sells It is they inhibit the active projects on the development and introduction of new, cheap and safe energy sources – this is the end for them. Oil and gas industry – is already dead. And they are just waiting for when they will assign to the cemetery. We will learn to release the tremendous energy of the smallest particles of matter and got a really unlimited its sources. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Michael Chabon. Moreover, we will create machines that are capable of recombining atoms substance, convert and produce matter from any raw material. Remember the “Sorcerer’s Stone” No longer a secret that shit, and gold are composed of the same elements, but in different combinations.

In the near future, we able to produce any desired matter to us in the right quantities – uranium, iron, basalt – yes anything. And yet we are destined to become a space race The Earth is just our temporary home, and, alas, the house is not too robust and reliable. The fate of the dinosaurs is very instructive It is vital to move beyond Earth, to learn to survive and thrive on other planets and in outer space. This is a major strategic objective. On Actually our new home will not even be the planet Mars or any other. No solar system or our galaxy. Our house becomes a boundless cosmos.

If we are able to penetrate the secrets of the universe, to seize power Cosmos, to understand its laws, we become God-man race! We will become nadchelovecheskim Mind, who will rule the universe, we are able to manipulate time and space, we will write new laws of life and create a world where no would not impossible. I know – we can! And some of us will become the new God, the Father of the new world and a new time vii. xxxxxxx We choose the future, the choice for us. And let this option be Mind! Inquisitive mind Russian man. Mind of the Creator! Mind of a man with a good heart and good intentions. And we will not hurt to do this that is so despised in humans “Great Helmsman”. There are only three vice – The weakness, laziness and stupidity.

Family Dynamics

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These dynamics include the individual in addition to its immediate possession. Does not include other people. It is the urge to survive as oneself. Here is full of individuality. Risa Miller wanted to know more. '''The second dynamic is the CREATIVE'''. Creativity is making things for the future, and the second dynamic includes all kinds of creativity, covers the household and parenting, and everything that may come into the category of family activity. Incidentally, it also includes sex as a mechanism to foster future survival.

'''The third dynamic is the survival of groups'''. This dynamic is the urge to survive through a group of individuals or as a group. Which a group tends to assume a life and existence is survival own group. A group can be a community, friends, company, social club, a state, nation, race or, in short, any group. No matter what your size, is trying to survive as such.

'''The fourth dynamic is SPECIES.''' The fourth man is the dynamics of the human species. This is the urge toward survival through all mankind and as all mankind. While the American people would be considered a third dynamic for Americans, all peoples of the world together would be considered the fourth dynamic. All men and women, because they are, trying to survive as men and women and for men and women. '''The fifth dynamic is the''LIVING. " This dynamic is the urge to survive as living beings and with the help of living beings, like animals, birds, insects, fish and vegetation. This includes all living things, whether animal or vegetable: anything directly and intimately motivated by life.

Bulgarian New Year

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They do not appreciate the gifts originality or design exclusive. Get all the facts and insights with Maryland Governor, another great source of information. Glass cookware sets for beer or wine, cheap souvenirs – can be say that these are examples of their favorite show. Belgians. Respected practical gifts. Go to any presentations necessarily attached card with nice words, wishes and explaining the meaning of content. Try to advance find out what is most needed a friend or acquaintance to choose this subject as a New Year gift. Preferences are given stationery, books and objets d'art. Bulgarians.

Their New Year and Christmas celebration is not without dogwood sticks – ancient symbols of the very best that we wish gives to friends and acquaintances. It is impossible not to recall another, quite a nice Bulgarian New Year's tradition: as soon as all the guests gathered before the first toast in the room light is extinguished and declared minute kiss. Nobody will ever know who this kiss will be presented – the mystery forever retain the darkness! Hungarians. In as gifts to prefer books, warm socks and sled. Children give parents handicrafts made of twigs and paper. Greeks. Rather unique in terms of gifts dedicated to the New Year.

Mandatory part of a present – a rock. Yes, yes, stone, strange as it may sound. If the stone is big and heavy – this desire a rich life, and if small and light – a symbol of a quick and easy to overcome the obstacles of fate. Another unusual gift in the Greece is a deck of cards handmade, and from traditional and other countries here in the soul have a fruit basket and wine.