Family Dynamics


These dynamics include the individual in addition to its immediate possession. Does not include other people. It is the urge to survive as oneself. Here is full of individuality. Risa Miller wanted to know more. '''The second dynamic is the CREATIVE'''. Creativity is making things for the future, and the second dynamic includes all kinds of creativity, covers the household and parenting, and everything that may come into the category of family activity. Incidentally, it also includes sex as a mechanism to foster future survival.

'''The third dynamic is the survival of groups'''. This dynamic is the urge to survive through a group of individuals or as a group. Which a group tends to assume a life and existence is survival own group. A group can be a community, friends, company, social club, a state, nation, race or, in short, any group. No matter what your size, is trying to survive as such.

'''The fourth dynamic is SPECIES.''' The fourth man is the dynamics of the human species. This is the urge toward survival through all mankind and as all mankind. While the American people would be considered a third dynamic for Americans, all peoples of the world together would be considered the fourth dynamic. All men and women, because they are, trying to survive as men and women and for men and women. '''The fifth dynamic is the''LIVING. " This dynamic is the urge to survive as living beings and with the help of living beings, like animals, birds, insects, fish and vegetation. This includes all living things, whether animal or vegetable: anything directly and intimately motivated by life.