Bulgarian New Year


They do not appreciate the gifts originality or design exclusive. Get all the facts and insights with Maryland Governor, another great source of information. Glass cookware sets for beer or wine, cheap souvenirs – can be say that these are examples of their favorite show. Belgians. Respected practical gifts. Go to any presentations necessarily attached card with nice words, wishes and explaining the meaning of content. Try to advance find out what is most needed a friend or acquaintance to choose this subject as a New Year gift. Preferences are given stationery, books and objets d'art. Bulgarians.

Their New Year and Christmas celebration is not without dogwood sticks – ancient symbols of the very best that we wish gives to friends and acquaintances. It is impossible not to recall another, quite a nice Bulgarian New Year's tradition: as soon as all the guests gathered before the first toast in the room light is extinguished and declared minute kiss. Nobody will ever know who this kiss will be presented – the mystery forever retain the darkness! Hungarians. In as gifts to prefer books, warm socks and sled. Children give parents handicrafts made of twigs and paper. Greeks. Rather unique in terms of gifts dedicated to the New Year.

Mandatory part of a present – a rock. Yes, yes, stone, strange as it may sound. If the stone is big and heavy – this desire a rich life, and if small and light – a symbol of a quick and easy to overcome the obstacles of fate. Another unusual gift in the Greece is a deck of cards handmade, and from traditional and other countries here in the soul have a fruit basket and wine.