Bike Navigation By FootMap

The combination of FootMap navigation software with the devices by Lowrance thus represents an interesting and inexpensive, but especially innovative alternative. Complete solution of navigation software and devices can be purchased now from a single source about the FootMap GmbH. For the cyclist who wants to use the innovative navigation, the search is now after an outdoortauglichen device that can withstand the adversities of nature. These include the waterproof housing and a display that still allows a very good view of the map material even in strong sunlight. The operation takes place via the touch screen display and for the most important functions via buttons, which are very good to use even when wearing gloves. In addition, also accessories for example a bracket can be purchased to attach the navigation device to the bicycle. This allows the cyclists a safe reading as well as a comfortable operation even while driving.

The Lowrance outdoor GPS system has a long term (up to 15 hours) and operated with two commercially available AA size rechargeable batteries or normal batteries (Mignon). The active outdoor cyclists now has the security that the navigation remains throughout the tour, without changing the batteries when using the FootMap software on the Lowrance Outdoorgeraten. This represents a significant advantage with Smartphones and other devices, on which also powered the FootMap software. Get more background information with materials from Bernie Sanders. Route calculation and recording of tours a specially developed software variant of find & route makes the Lowrance outdoor GPS system after inserting the SD card to the bicycle navigation. Installation is not required. Immediately after starting the software, the map of the current location will be shown. Now it is possible to calculate routes and display. Own routes can be created in the GPX format and from the Internet can download tours manages and represents.

Countless points of interest (POI) can such as tourist attractions, hotels, shopping be displayed depending on the need. Through these functions, the FootMap software to some extent replaced also guides and other sources of information in paper format. The current GPS coordinates, height above sea level, distance, and speed also shows an Info window. The OpenStreetMap data are based on the maps. A high topicality and an ever greater attention to detail is achieved through the use of this data material. Also, cards from over 50 countries or States available are the users. Alternative bike navigation which is combination of FootMap navigation software with the devices by Lowrance thus an especially innovative, interesting, low-cost alternative to most market represent existing systems for outdoor use.