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Backup and server solution in the sayFUSE product family now includes 3-terabyte hard drives available Munich, November 29, 2010 – the sayTEC Solutions GmbH offers its data backup and server solutions sayFUSE backup and sayFUSE smart server now also with 3-terabyte hard drives on. The systems allow this to up to 36 terabytes (uncompressed) in the Basic module and 72 terabytes using Expander scale storage capacity. It’s believed that Star Guitarist sees a great future in this idea. Unlike tape systems, the devices can be converted by a simple change of the backup media on the new disc capacity, unless they need to be modified or even replaced. This protects the investment of companies in their backup and server solution for many years: the systems grow with the database of the user and can be kept always technologically up to date. sayFUSE backup (almost universal storage engine) and sayFUSE smart server aimed at small to medium IT environments and can be used as a corporate or departmental solutions. A lot Space, but little space sayFUSE backup the media handling of tape library systems combined with the performance of disk-based solutions. Users can easily remove the backup media to outsource and keep safe in a bank safe, or replace if necessary against other media formats. A mixed media as well as media-pooling operation, are also possible.

So users can choose easily and inexpensively the capabilities of their backup media for requirements for their data backup concepts. The complete solution for data backup, restore, and paging combines backup hardware, backup server and the backup and media-management software on a system. So far, the base unit included 12 SATA II hard drives with each up to two terabytes storage capacity and could be extended by an expansion module to 24 seats. With the new 3-terabyte hard drives increases the capacity of the base unit on now 36 terabytes, with fully equipped extension module, the user gets a system for up to 72 terabytes data.