Have A Good Laugh And Succeed


This is what gives entertainment its regenerative, therapeutic quality. Studies show that a sense of humor, in the right dose, can boost creativity and productivity, and take the air out of tense situations. According to Greenwood, it can help you land the job you want. One study found that 98 percent of more than 700 chief executives interviewed candidates who have preferred a sense of humor about those who do not. A clinical psychiatrist in Stanford University has found that a good laugh increases heart rate and blood pressure and releases adrenaline into the system. The lungs expand and torso muscles expand and contract. After the laughter, blood pressure and heart rate return to normal. Laughter is said to be like running in place.

The leaders use humor to communicate the objectives and motivate their followers. Without hesitation Dr. Mark Hyman explained all about the problem. That’s why the late Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart, the retail giant was willing to put a hula skirt and dance on Wall Street, where Wal-Mart employees met a challenge he had set. One need not be another Johnny Carson to provoke laughter or enjoy a rejuvenating joke. Relax. Be willing to laugh at himself. View and tolerate nonsense at work. That there are and are not necessarily the end of the world.

Tommy May, CEO of Simmons First National Bank, which is an arch conservative in business matters, put humor to work to motivate employees at a United Way campaign by letting your main competitor to throw a chocolate cake on his face when the May-led team came in second in fund raising. Use humor carefully. Do not overdo it. They do not violate the rules of your workplace. Do not laugh people, laugh with them. Heed the wisdom of Mark Twain: “? The labor law? The higher the pay in enjoyment the worker gets out of it, the higher your pay in cash as well.” It comes down to advice from a wise observer said: “Allah happiness of his work or that you can never know what happiness is.”