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Manuel Castells Network

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In particular, the distribution of computers at home, says Toffler, is an important step in creating a space of intellectual environment. Like Bell, he notes the importance of knowledge and information in modern society, speaking about the critical importance of training professional staff. The newest concept in line with postidustrializma associated primarily with the research of Manuel Castells. M. Castells provides a detailed analysis of current trends that lead to the formation of foundations of society, which he calls the 'network'. Based on the postulate that the information is by its nature is such a resource that is more easily penetrates through all sorts of barriers and borders, it considers the information age as the era of globalization.

In this network structure are both a means and a result of the globalization of society. 'That's the network, Castells writes, are the new social morphology of our societies, and spread 'Network' logic to a large extent affects the course and result of processes related to production, daily life, culture and power '6. Thus, the power structure is stronger than the power structure, and belonging to a particular network, along with the dynamics of development of some networks in relation to the other, appears, according to Castells, as an essential source of power. Change processes significantly alter the political and processes. Leadership is becoming more personalized, and the path to power is through the creation of image – the politicians are involved in the game, leading through the media and the media themselves.

Kuldare Tools

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Could it be that place and landslide? A few seasons had to spend here. In late October, was becoming cold, the sun on the bottom of the gorge Kuldary looks only for 4-5 hours, and at night the water froze in the circles. Us, as it is Paradoxically, in a sunny Tajikistan had not suffered from the heat and the cold! I will not dwell on all the aspects of raskopochnyh works, suffice it to say that the first stone products encountered in the bottom 11th of the soil, almost completely eroded, were found only on the twelfth day of work. In the end it turned out that this place survived two paleosols, superimposed on each other and separated by a carbonate crust. Top 11 All-paleosols preserved incomplete, and the underlying 12-I remained entirely.

5 stone products for conventional Paleolithic loess material met both at the base of the 11th and at the top of the 12th of the soil. They are few, definable only 40 pieces. This, though small, but all the same industry. Small, the industry was not only quantitatively, but first and foremost on its size. The bulk of flakes and fragments has a length of 2-4 cm, the product of more than 5 cm in length make up only 5%. Small and number of guns.

These are just some featureless scrapers, awls and skreblovidnye tools. Sharp edges of some of the fragments could be used as a burin. Surprising piece of quartzite tools who handled both sides of small chipped. It is similar to bifas. Plates there is little, there are only 2-3 lamellar flake. Nucleus with two interesting character bilateral and unilateral yadrischa very small dimensions: diameter of the first – 4 cm, second, and even less – 3.5 cm If they find a separate, outside of the geological context, none of the experts would have made these products so the ancient age. Findings in Kuldare once again forced to reflect on the question of the importance of typological definitions for the chronological divisions of archaeological sites. After all, do not be such flawless stratigraphic terms, the definition is so deep-age of a small complex of stone tools from Kuldary would be impossible. Thus, despite the poverty of the collection, we can confidently say that the line of 750-850 thousand years to the Paleolithic of Central Asia has already passed. In all evidence, not far off when the antiquity of the human race in Central Asia will be millions of years, maybe more.

Considering A Career Change?

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Are you considering a career change? Many people do so because of specific problems or difficulties. Others want to make a change because of some growing, generalized dissatisfaction. A career change is becoming increasingly common. A few decades ago this kind of change was considered inappropriate. People think that "work-hoppers" when they moved from job to job.

People with this behavior were thought to be unstable and without loyalty. But now, changing your job or career change is generally regarded as a normal way to advance at work. There are some interesting reasons that people are motivated to do this kind of change: one is that it requires changes in the situation of the person and a job or career change. Frequently Martin O?Malley has said that publicly. For example, perhaps the spouse is away, and you should spend with the family. Or maybe the company goes bankrupt. Could it be that physical or mental ability to change individual and can not perform that job or career.

A common motivation is that the person was not happy with work or career and the situation does not improve. Thus, over time the person has been growing dissatisfaction with the situation. At some point this dissatisfaction grows so large and so deep, the person must change. Another common reason for a career change is that something changed in the environment at work or career. A specific cooperation of workers is no longer in that job, so the person decides to make the change. Or, the regulations or technology career changes, and you do not want to continue.

Have A Good Laugh And Succeed

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This is what gives entertainment its regenerative, therapeutic quality. Studies show that a sense of humor, in the right dose, can boost creativity and productivity, and take the air out of tense situations. According to Greenwood, it can help you land the job you want. One study found that 98 percent of more than 700 chief executives interviewed candidates who have preferred a sense of humor about those who do not. A clinical psychiatrist in Stanford University has found that a good laugh increases heart rate and blood pressure and releases adrenaline into the system. The lungs expand and torso muscles expand and contract. After the laughter, blood pressure and heart rate return to normal. Laughter is said to be like running in place.

The leaders use humor to communicate the objectives and motivate their followers. Without hesitation Dr. Mark Hyman explained all about the problem. That’s why the late Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart, the retail giant was willing to put a hula skirt and dance on Wall Street, where Wal-Mart employees met a challenge he had set. One need not be another Johnny Carson to provoke laughter or enjoy a rejuvenating joke. Relax. Be willing to laugh at himself. View and tolerate nonsense at work. That there are and are not necessarily the end of the world.

Tommy May, CEO of Simmons First National Bank, which is an arch conservative in business matters, put humor to work to motivate employees at a United Way campaign by letting your main competitor to throw a chocolate cake on his face when the May-led team came in second in fund raising. Use humor carefully. Do not overdo it. They do not violate the rules of your workplace. Do not laugh people, laugh with them. Heed the wisdom of Mark Twain: “? The labor law? The higher the pay in enjoyment the worker gets out of it, the higher your pay in cash as well.” It comes down to advice from a wise observer said: “Allah happiness of his work or that you can never know what happiness is.”

Language Extroverts

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I am confident that you can already tell who you are – an extrovert or an introvert. So, for the successful development of foreign language extroverts need two essential conditions – is communication and competition. If an extrovert have the ability to communicate in a foreign language or to compete with anybody in the number of learned words or other successes – the learning process will move much faster! For the introvert in learning foreign languages other conditions are important. Introverts need a clear plan of work on the language and understanding of the internal logic of language. US Senator from Vermont spoke with conviction. In this communication in a foreign language introvert may be a burden at times – people do not like to talk to. Perhaps you ask me, to whom is my course 'Generic improved foreign languages! " – For extroverts and introverts for? I have good news for you – my course was developed with taking into account the psychological characteristics of different people! And because extroverts find it unique tips on how to effectively and free to organize communication in a foreign language through the Internet and achieve with communication and successful work on the language of incredible success in its development! For introverts in my course is particularly interesting seems clear plan for incremental development of any foreign language and information on how to properly study grammar – not based on rote learning and understanding the structure of the language! And if you, as long as you can not accurately be attributed to themselves extroverts or introverts – in any case, you will surely find in my course that is right for you. Why? Because the course is "Universal methods improved foreign languages!" – It's not a hard set of rules and requirements, and flexible system of effective methods, proven by personal experience! Good luck, and do not forget that if you order a course right now – that tomorrow will be able to make a confident step on the right path to effective development of any foreign language! And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – collection twisters on a huge range of languages (more than a hundred). Well coached diction! Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) rambler.ru 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! '- Discover the language independently and effectively

Translation Technology

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We live and work in a very interesting time. This rate of development of new technologies has never been. With the advent of the new millennium began rapid development, both in industry and in IT-technologies. In the late 90's, if who remember, we were surprised the first mobile phone that has the form of the portable radios, working on a computer with just two or three programs, record information on diskettes, etc. Here and translators in the days to to translate, searched the computer throughout the city: the familiar, in institutions or in the early computer clubs.

And who does not have such an opportunity, published a translation into a typewriter or bring translation, written by hand, and in the office Translation begged the computer to type text. But that all changed with the rapid development of the Internet. Programmers began to develop new programs. These programs are designed for translators, as well as for independent translation of a few sentences. This brings me to the main topic of this article. So, after all, help or hinder modern technology in the translation? Very well that to facilitate the work translator, created a lot of programs, such as Translation Memory – Exchange translation memory, PROMT Express – text translation system, X-Translator Discovery – a program to convert any texts from German and others. On the Internet you can find many electronic translators, who help to translate texts from any language. As well developed programs to help design transfers Transform PDF file – text converter from PDF format into Word, Photoshop – scanning to the translation patterns, FineReader – to recognize Text and others.

These technologies facilitate the work of the translator and increase its efficiency. Increases the rate of translation of texts. Earlier, seven or eight years ago, the translator could overpower a day from 3 to 6 pages, now with such assistants productivity interpreter can reach up to 25 pages per day. And, note the number of translated text quality does not suffer. But at the same time, these programs and impede the work of an interpreter. This is mainly refers to the unfair and not honest translators, who for the rate of its translation from which affect their earnings, making the machine translation and in this form to hand over customers. Naturally, such a transfer You can not use. To do this, and there is translation, so as not to give opportunities to earn a dishonest translators using modern technology. In the translation the translator does not receive money for his translation, while it will not accept the translation manager, after watching the editor, and after approval by the customer. Such conditions allow us to observe the quality of translation, and modern technology helps translators to strengthen and develop their knowledge.


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The learning human being, therefore is determined by interaction between the individual and the way, of which participates the biological aspects, psychological and social. In the movement to look for to understand these aspects he is that psicopedagogo constructs its work, aiming at to the reduction of the learning problems and of the failure pertaining to school it is in this context of multiple interactions that the playful activities are used in the psicopedaggico diagnosis, therefore make with that the children disclose aspects that do not appear in more formal situations of the diagnosis. Thus, the psicopedagogia aims at to search the improvement of the relations with the learning, as well as the improvement of the quality in the construction of the proper learning of pupils and educators. It is, therefore, evidenced the essencialidade of the playful one in the psicopedaggico work, as much in the clinical aspect how much in the institucional one. In the proper diagnosis, this can be faced as a possibility to understand the functioning of the cognitivos and affective-social processes. 4 CONCLUSION In transcorrer of this article in to send the reflections on the importance of playing in the infantile education, having been possible to desvelar that the ludicidade is of extreme relevance for the integral development of the child and is indispensable elements to the relationship with other people. Thus, the child establishes with the games and the tricks a natural relation and obtains to extravasar its sadnesses and joys, you distress, enthusiasms, passividades and agressividades, are by means of the trick that the child becomes involved in the game and allotment with the other, in the psicopedaggica vision this assist in the prevention and diagnosis of learning problems, therefore the psicopedagogia studies the act to learn and to teach, taking always in account the realities internal and external of the learning.

World Life

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They are linked here with nothing. Life on earth presupposes a living growing the most needed in small orchards. This is sufficient for daily wage. For more specific information, check out Maryland Governor. And this product – environmentally friendly – because you're not going to poison ourselves! On the other hand, this way of life cleanses man from the dirt of large cities, the dirt, both physical and spiritual. Therefore, reformatting of consciousness in the direction of life in small rural settlements, villages that surround the city – it's evolutionary path. Cities are at the same time should reduce in size …

Today, the beginning of this psychological approach can already be seen in the world: more and more people aspire to live in villages. However, they still do not understand what should be independently grow at least some of the food they eat. C understanding of this will come and change in consciousness. But on the other hand, the transition to this way of life their very life will be cheaper! This is – a bonus that is waiting for a man, has returned to earth. Because the land, thus rewards the person for the right decision.

We need to understand and realize that rural life is much cheaper than living in the city. And do not give the present regime to make it more expensive – the first task of the people. The more people who literally gush in village, so divorced from power, the independent from the government they would be! But even more unexpected bonus will expect a man who moved to rural conditions, and the bonus – also by nature! It consists in the fact that your the need for food drops significantly.

Michel Foucault

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In times as these, ‘ ‘ the individual dares individualizar-se’ ‘ , to leave of living is the solution for the confusion of the modern life. The man in this social eddy is only plus one, only plus a part. The man believes modernity, as a possibility of improvements for the future, is to think of what we pass today can be solved tomorrow. The modernization was desired for the Italian futuristas. We perceive in the futurista manifesto the dither for the work, the machines and the creation of a species not – human being, that is, robotics, that stops they would be perfect for not possessing characteristic feelings of human beings. The futuristas saw the plant as an exemplary human being, models to be followed by all. Herbert Marcuse in its assay, the unidimensional man, quotation that as much Marx as Freud is obsolete. The comfort is the true interest for the masses, a life controlled and managed by machines.

The man if confuses with the machine, is an invasion uncontrolled for the technology, but accepted with naturalness for all, being what he puts into motion in them, what equals in them before the society. The modernismo in years 60 can coarsely be divided in three trends. The first trend appears as a great attempt to free the modern artists of the impurities and vulgarities of the modern life. The second trend of the modernismo, searchs the violent destruction of all our values and if it worries very little in reconstructing the worlds that put below. Third, it implies in an ideal model of exempt modern society of disturbances, extinguishing that agitation, social turbulence of the modern life. Michel Foucault was the only writer of the last decade that if it related on the modernity in significant way. The freedom in way to the modern life is practically impossible for it.

The life is as an object, of easy manuscript, without control of proper, but controlable itself for the modern technologies. It is a feeling of passivity and hopelessness in this chain the one that we are imprisoned, without enxergar the futilidade that also represents. We do not perceive that the economic growth, changes and more changes, destroy the physical and social landscapes of our past. Our identity is internationalized, is and lives as the others. Differences do not exist, if to share the same modern experiences. It is through the knowledge of the modernismo, since its roots of the past, together with the current modernismo, that we will be prepared for the adventures and perigos that will come, since this technological evolution if of every day, universally moving in one to blink of eyes.

Infantile Education

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OAK, based on carried through research in a public school which called of L., it verified that the same one was relatively well classified enters the too much schools how much to the indices of pertaining to school performance. (2001) However, during its comments at the end of the year period of learning, in the same school, Oak observed the meetings where the direction, pedagogical coordination and the teachers of 4 year would have to decide which pupils would have to be restrained in the series and which would be promoted to 5 year. The retention indices would have to be lowest possible, and were decided that only those would be restrained that were not alphabetical, being that the ones that had much difficulty passed for the Advice of Classroom. All these last ones had been promoted and only 1.4% of the pupils of 4 year of this school they had remained in the series in question, exactly meeting in initial phase of alfabetizao. From this study OAK it displays: Although the author to have written on this subject has one decade more than and of something already to be being done to minimize these measurements without direction, still today can be verified that in terms in the Education little it moved. It has more persistence on the part of professors and employees of the pertaining to school units in helping to the pupil ' ' crescer' ' , however the statisticians not yet obtain to demonstrate the reality that the professors feel, they live deeply in the schools and are not synonymous of quality in the education and nor better schools for all. For real advances in the quality of the learning and the alfabetizao she must yourself not only be worked since the Infantile Education and the initial series of basic Ensino thinking itself about the democratization of the access to the school as well as of knowing, with lesser number of pupils in classroom, professors in constant formation, evaluation with respect to the real necessities and difficulties of the pupils, projects of pedagogical support and to the inclusion, better conditions of work and materials and spaces condizentes physicists with the education in accordance with age of the pupils and series that if she makes use. . See more detailed opinions by reading what Ultra Wellness Center offers on the topic..