Translation Technology

We live and work in a very interesting time. This rate of development of new technologies has never been. With the advent of the new millennium began rapid development, both in industry and in IT-technologies. In the late 90's, if who remember, we were surprised the first mobile phone that has the form of the portable radios, working on a computer with just two or three programs, record information on diskettes, etc. Here and translators in the days to to translate, searched the computer throughout the city: the familiar, in institutions or in the early computer clubs.

And who does not have such an opportunity, published a translation into a typewriter or bring translation, written by hand, and in the office Translation begged the computer to type text. But that all changed with the rapid development of the Internet. Programmers began to develop new programs. These programs are designed for translators, as well as for independent translation of a few sentences. This brings me to the main topic of this article. So, after all, help or hinder modern technology in the translation? Very well that to facilitate the work translator, created a lot of programs, such as Translation Memory – Exchange translation memory, PROMT Express – text translation system, X-Translator Discovery – a program to convert any texts from German and others. On the Internet you can find many electronic translators, who help to translate texts from any language. As well developed programs to help design transfers Transform PDF file – text converter from PDF format into Word, Photoshop – scanning to the translation patterns, FineReader – to recognize Text and others.

These technologies facilitate the work of the translator and increase its efficiency. Increases the rate of translation of texts. Earlier, seven or eight years ago, the translator could overpower a day from 3 to 6 pages, now with such assistants productivity interpreter can reach up to 25 pages per day. And, note the number of translated text quality does not suffer. But at the same time, these programs and impede the work of an interpreter. This is mainly refers to the unfair and not honest translators, who for the rate of its translation from which affect their earnings, making the machine translation and in this form to hand over customers. Naturally, such a transfer You can not use. To do this, and there is translation, so as not to give opportunities to earn a dishonest translators using modern technology. In the translation the translator does not receive money for his translation, while it will not accept the translation manager, after watching the editor, and after approval by the customer. Such conditions allow us to observe the quality of translation, and modern technology helps translators to strengthen and develop their knowledge.