Infrared Heating

You imagine the heating costs to reduce up to 30 60prozent! Just imagine before the heating costs for life to reduce 30-60%; This the IMS INTERNATIONAL holding company of SUNTHERM infrared heating has made it to the top bid. Special carbon panels, coated with a patented substance is achieved the most effective heating performance with minimal power consumption. Michael Chabon contributes greatly to this topic. Global could be gained but also of conventional hydropower produced energy, a coordinated disengagement of the depletion and pollution our environment still functioning even about solar energy. The IMS INTERNATIONAL holding company with SUNTHERM, a technology that is reliable, constant than conventional heating systems and even healthier meets this challenge with success. So, cost-effective environmentally-friendly and maintenance-free products can greatly reduce energy consumption. Ongoing heating costs are minimized and the burning behaviour especially in the long variable transition times can be controlled to the most efficient.

Since the operating and heating costs due to changing climate and the lack of raw materials in the next decades enormously more expensive are, must be that the increase in costs can be even up to 30% a year are feared. So the IMS INTERNATIONAL holding company with SUNTHERM recommends planning alternative energy infrared heating. You should consider this in the calculus, this ecology is paired with high-tech. Because this science of energy production as well as their exploitation in this form is still very young, this influence on humanity and their sense of power over the years, nehmen…schon is now the construction industry pleased infrared heating – the SUNTHERM technology, because it has lowered the cost for the drying of construction of and shortens the drying time. Also best results provide in addition to the heating technology for the residential market. In contrast to conventional heating systems, not the air, but ceilings, walls, floors, and objects in the room is heated and they pass off then again evenly the warmth to the room. The Panels provide the desired space-filling passive warmth to feel comfortable with infrared heat waves. Furthermore these panels are considered harmless and exclude emissions.

For example, also the friends of equestrian sport use this pioneering technology: A so-called “horse solarium” is a quantum leap in animal husbandry and farming. By investing in this heating technology, the general quality of life is lifted! Because the IMS INTERNATIONAL HOLDING constantly drives the research are further projects in planning; the high price of oil, gas and even pellets of course positively affects demand. So hand is employed often already in the planning social increasingly commercial, series, house building this type of heat energy. Also in the field of housing facilities and expansion of an ample product range is offered. There are also architectural features that have great interest among our customers. Because the cheap acquisition is an essential part and the consumer thus environmentally friendly energy can this technical major with the SUNTHERM heating already reality today. IMS INTERNATIONAL HOLDING/A.