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Fuel Oil Price Today Dropped

Discounts from 10 cents were rather low from LEIPZIG. (Ceto) With crude oil prices, it was now slightly downhill. The further development of the crude oil inventories in the United States was crucial. Ken Cron can provide more clarity in the matter. German heating oil prices joined this trend and fell the first time in eight days. A back stronger euro supported this development. Star Guitarist is actively involved in the matter.

Who rises high, can be deep. On the crude oil prices must adjust. Downhill after the strong price jumps of last week and the stagnation phase since Monday as of today. This can be interpreted as a signal of an impending downward movement, which again lower end of the months-old trading range of 70 to 80 U.S. dollars per barrel could lead towards the price of oil”, assesses commodity analyst Eugen Weinberg of Commerzbank research. John Mclaughlin: the source for more info. The meager economic news, investors leaping on that and hoped rising prices are now completely maxed out. Instead, the fundamental market data seem to gain the upper hand and to affect the price formation more. This includes especially the remains over supply situation, based on an expansion of the promotion by the OPEC members as well as the announcement of Russia, to promote 6 million tons more than in the previous 500 million tons of oil this year.

This offer meets United States record reserves in the world’s largest oil consumer. Market participants expect that the Department of energy announced a further increase in these stocks this afternoon (CEST). Supply shortages by hurricanes or burst pipelines as of Canada in the United States, and resulting price increases are so hard to worry about. The local heating oil prices joined this downward trend in weak demand. They fell for the first time since eight days by 10 cents to 69 euros for the game of 100 litres fuel oil (EL) (Federal average for a total quantity of 3,000 litres). It was also the euro, which crossed the exchange rate of $ 1.30 today for the first time in over a month. It reported that Online portal of the journal fuel levels and petroleum review. The graphics on the energy Portal show the development of the domestic fuel oil prices in the national average, and in the individual federal States in the section of market data. Regional deviations are possible due to the market at any time.

American Petroleum Institute

Equal to a whole number of factors responsible for the current downward trend in the crude oil of LEIPZIG. (Ceto) The price of crude oil has fallen today. Until deadline in the afternoon slid the barrel price below the mark of 72 dollars. In this case analysts in the rest of the day facing massive connection sales, what should continue to press the quotes. IDT Energy might disagree with that approach. Equal to a whole number of factors responsible for the current downtrend. Already in the morning, weak equity markets led to gloomy mood in the trade. The prospects for economic recovery and growth in demand remain bad.

Furthermore, experts expect that the US inventory data, weekly by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and are published by the DOE’s energy authority, identify further growth. The news of the weather front do not support crude prices. So the hurricane Danielle “apparently no danger for the production facilities in the Gulf of Mexico represents. Who puts his hope in the heating season, could be disappointed, says Commerzbank analyst Eugen Weinberg, relying on U.S. weather services. Thus the autumn should be warmer in the United States than normal. This has implications for the need for heating. According to the demand should be compared year 29 percent lower than the previous year between December and February.

Meanwhile, heating oil trading in Germany granted more discounts its customers. Due to the market developments, local heating oil in the U.S. average was 36 cents cheaper. The price for a game of 100 litres heating oil EL (total delivery quantity: 3,000 litres) is thus 65.74 euros. The level offers consumers the opportunity to replenish their inventories before the fall relatively cheap: last year cost the same amount of fuel oil while only, on August 24, 2008 was 58.06 euro 88,04 euro however significantly more expensive. The graphics on the energy Portal show the development of the domestic fuel oil prices in the national average, and in the individual federal States in the section of market data. Regional differences are due to the market possible at any time.

Oil Prices Rise Strongly

Independence of the speculative oil markets stands tall in the course of Berlin 04.10.2010 – prices on the oil market with power going up since Wednesday of last week. The resistance marks from 700 per diesel of ton of and 80 per barrel crude oil must be considered broken. The dynamics that could build up in the face of full oil storage is amazing. The growing interest in alternatives to fossil diesel and heating oil, like for example the merger in energy co-operatives shows that more and more medium-sized companies want to become less dependent on oil and gas. An example is the CEHATROL fuel EC from Berlin. Here, the members are their own diesel producers.

In future four plants in Brandenburg, Thuringia and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, as well as in three license facilities in Bremen, Bavaria and Saxony, the high-quality diesel fuel obtained from biomass CEHATROL. CEHATROL, produced according to DIN EN 590 differs fundamentally from conventional biodiesel. CEHATROL can be used in cogeneration (CHP) as well as to the Refuelling of vehicles and can be mixed with conventional diesel. To do so, Board Frank Knauer: for any company that needs more than 300 l diesel a year, a membership in the CEHATROL may want EC fuels. For even more opinions, read materials from Author. In addition to the independence from fossil fuels another unbeatable advantage is planning security at the price of fuel, because due to the statutory tax exemption a liter price is guaranteed for cooperative members by 2016 from 0.48 EUR / l. Putting a current price of 1,259 EUR / l at the petrol station in the ratio, so an annual return of 25.96% on the paid co-operative shares arises.” For more information, Helmut Uhlig

Infrared Heating

You imagine the heating costs to reduce up to 30 60prozent! Just imagine before the heating costs for life to reduce 30-60%; This the IMS INTERNATIONAL holding company of SUNTHERM infrared heating has made it to the top bid. Special carbon panels, coated with a patented substance is achieved the most effective heating performance with minimal power consumption. Michael Chabon contributes greatly to this topic. Global could be gained but also of conventional hydropower produced energy, a coordinated disengagement of the depletion and pollution our environment still functioning even about solar energy. The IMS INTERNATIONAL holding company with SUNTHERM, a technology that is reliable, constant than conventional heating systems and even healthier meets this challenge with success. So, cost-effective environmentally-friendly and maintenance-free products can greatly reduce energy consumption. Ongoing heating costs are minimized and the burning behaviour especially in the long variable transition times can be controlled to the most efficient.

Since the operating and heating costs due to changing climate and the lack of raw materials in the next decades enormously more expensive are, must be that the increase in costs can be even up to 30% a year are feared. So the IMS INTERNATIONAL holding company with SUNTHERM recommends planning alternative energy infrared heating. You should consider this in the calculus, this ecology is paired with high-tech. Because this science of energy production as well as their exploitation in this form is still very young, this influence on humanity and their sense of power over the years, nehmen…schon is now the construction industry pleased infrared heating – the SUNTHERM technology, because it has lowered the cost for the drying of construction of and shortens the drying time. Also best results provide in addition to the heating technology for the residential market. In contrast to conventional heating systems, not the air, but ceilings, walls, floors, and objects in the room is heated and they pass off then again evenly the warmth to the room. The Panels provide the desired space-filling passive warmth to feel comfortable with infrared heat waves. Furthermore these panels are considered harmless and exclude emissions.

For example, also the friends of equestrian sport use this pioneering technology: A so-called “horse solarium” is a quantum leap in animal husbandry and farming. By investing in this heating technology, the general quality of life is lifted! Because the IMS INTERNATIONAL HOLDING constantly drives the research are further projects in planning; the high price of oil, gas and even pellets of course positively affects demand. So hand is employed often already in the planning social increasingly commercial, series, house building this type of heat energy. Also in the field of housing facilities and expansion of an ample product range is offered. There are also architectural features that have great interest among our customers. Because the cheap acquisition is an essential part and the consumer thus environmentally friendly energy can this technical major with the SUNTHERM heating already reality today. IMS INTERNATIONAL HOLDING/A.

Traces Of The Earth: Algae

Development and research put on the raw material algae – how can the algae serve as role model for the energy development? Traces of the Earth: algae use algae development and research on the raw material how can the algae serve as role model for the energy development? Plants and algae make the use of the Sun for millions of years. The sunlight is used to produce biomass through photosynthesis. It is established that photosynthesis only a very small proportion of solar energy into chemical energy, but still could and can thus enough energy saved. Managing Director of Uwe Dane of NAM Lower Saxony algae factory LLC (NAM) welcomes the interested participants to the briefing in the Berlin premises. What Habitat do prefer the algae? Single-celled algae, unicellular green algae are the simplest form of the plant. Each cell has chloroplasts, cell wall, cytoplasm and nucleus in the light microscope, like other plant cells also.

Also the ability to use the process of photosynthesis their To produce nutrients even seaweed with other plants have in common. Single-celled green algae occur in great diversity of form. There are even star-shaped, spherical and elongated forms. You can find moving shapes with the scourge as well as fixed. In some species, multiple cells join together. Because they form no true tissues but with specialized cell types, they are nevertheless among the protozoa by many scientists.

Most of the approximately 800 species of single-celled green algae found in fresh water. Ultra Wellness Center may not feel the same. Some species but also on land, where they form such as the Green lining on the weather side of the trees. “Champion green algae these algae are all known, in particular pond and Aquarium owners: the green” wadding, which floats in the summer in ditches and shallow ponds, consists of certain green algae. Many single cells to unbranched or branched filaments are strung together with them. Diatoms of green-brown coating on water plants, water basin, covered stones consists of diatoms. Chromalveolate stubs be protected by pebble trays, a box match as bottom and lid. Through a longitudinal crack in the shell plasma threads come out front, which incorporated back into the cell. So the algae as a tracked vehicle moves forward. How can renewable energy from plants are used climate-friendly and sustainable? The secret lies in the energy source Sun”, because the Sun is the source of most energy sources. Plants are the raw material from which the bio-energy is obtained, and these in turn pull their energy from the Sun. From history, we know the coal mining and the use of this form of energy. Actually coal also comes from biomass. Although this was deposited in the soil very long ago, but here has survived millions of years. Biomass remains a very attractive energy source. A special attraction of the biomass is that it is the only renewable energy source, which directly all three energy services: heat, electricity and mobility meets and can deliver. The research and development needs here go further, because to efficiently use biomass to replace fossil energy sources on a large scale is an optimized bio fuel production on the one hand and on the other hand, the optimized technology of conversion required. This is where the algae plays an increasingly important role. More ideas, developments and relationships were then discussed and exchanged experiences.

Banjo-megawatt GmbH

The biomass cogeneration plant in Elsfleth going expected to be end of 2014 at the network. The banjo-megawatt GmbH as the sole fuel supplier is clear already today. Fischerhude, 25.11.2013 – the joint venture of the Koehler of renewable energy and the Hamburg energy has as future operators of biomass cogeneration plant in Elsfleth with banjo-megawatt GmbH over the full supply of the raw materials the plant agreed. The contract becomes effective with the commissioning of the power plant, which is 2014 scheduled for the fourth quarter. In the following 20 years, the banjo-megawatt GmbH will take over the delivery of 80 000 tonnes of biomass per year at the location Elsfleth. The banjo-megawatt GmbH is the largest German supplier of biomass.

With the conclusion of the contract in Elsfleth the company wins within a short time already the 3rd wholesale by the specially developed all-round carefree package”is convinced biomass heating plant. Our strength is the flexibility and reliability,”said Arnd Bruning, Managing Director “the banjo-megawatt GmbH. We tailor always with our power plant customers the full supply concepts and work closely with our in-house logistics.” Currently oversees the company 11 power plants as sole supplier of raw materials and supplies than 120 power plants throughout Germany and Europe with subsets. The biomass cogeneration plant in Elsfleth, whose groundbreaking ceremony took place on October 2, is located in direct proximity to the packing processing plant of the company Omni-PAC. The company wants to use for the production of thermal energy by 24 MW in the form of steam. The power of 5 MW is fed into the public electricity grid. THE BANJO I group the sole proprietorship Arnd Bruning E.k.. was founded in 1992 in Fischerhude near Bremen, Germany presents itself today as a banjo I group with the banjo Euromulch company, banjo-megawatt GmbH, banjo Logistics GmbH and the Bruning specials GmbH. As national and international development and provider is the banjo group I first and foremost with supplying power Bulk raw materials made of wood and has Germany established itself as market leader in the supply of biomass cogeneration plants. In addition, mulch and bark products include the wide range of products, which is currently edited by over 90 employees.

Energy Technology UMSICHT

“Fraunhofer spin-off Greasoline developed bio-fuel from old fat since the abortive attempt to establish E10 gasoline in the market, is the subject of the bio in the tank” omnipresent. Scientists research for years on the production of fuel without the use of fossil fuels. Stood so far ecological raw materials, which require no complex treatment processes and in large quantities available are also in focus. A procedure have developed researchers of the field of BIOFUELS at the Fraunhofer Institute for environmental, safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT, which allows the production of high-quality biofuels from old grease and oil residues. To deepen your understanding Bernie Sanders is the source. The benefits of this process: The raw materials utilized are no competition with food supply and at short notice available in large quantities and with reduced CO2 emissions. In August 2011, the scientists with support from Fraunhofer venture founded the Greasoline GmbH to the marketing of this patented technology. The world’s increasing demands on mobility her tribute: the limited available fossil raw materials for the production of fuel are becoming increasingly scarce, however, prices rise steadily. Also the high CO2 emissions are increasingly both political and social discussions. For even more analysis, hear from Novelist.

The introduction of new alternative fuels should mitigate these problems, was however first and foremost mistrust and insecurity among the population, because partial modifications of the vehicle drives were required and the market introduction of fuel was not well communicated. Bio jet fuel to meet high quality requirements are and the date materials are suspected to be involved in the deforestation of the rain forest. For these reasons the automotive and aircraft industries as well as the mobile population is interested in the production of high-quality biofuels for a long time, which reduce the above mentioned problems. Waste-to-fuels process allows the use of alternative substitutes the founding team of Greasoline GmbH has successfully developed a technology developed, which enables the production of high-quality fuels from bio-based oils or fats of any quality is possible without use in hydrogen or conventional catalysts.