Legalities In An Accident

If you are in front of the other party tries to hide the traces of an accident, to move the car, pick up the pieces, try to gently reason with him, and if that fails, look at this attention to the witnesses and with the help of available funds indicate the original location of the harvested material evidence. Very seriously consider the compilation of on-site accidents of all original documents. Of detailed and careful recording of all circumstances of the accident depends on many things. Later compiled on the basis of primary documents – the protocol inspection of the scene, protocols and inspections of technical condition vehicles, the scheme of the accident, the drivers explanations, testimony, the court establishes a link between the actions of the driver and the consequences to which they led. Demand from employees of GAI recorded in the minutes of the inspection scene literally everything that you think may be irrelevant: the place of collision of cars, their relative position after the accident, the road layout and visibility, traffic and signs in place of the accident, their serviceability and visibility, lighting and visibility at the accident site, state road and weather conditions, traces of inhibition, objects lying in the road, the technical condition of vehicles.

All signs, signs, items must be tied to their homes, lighting poles. Note that an employee traffic police, the protocol constitutes the technical condition of the car the guilty party. It is well known not a few cases where one of the drivers proved his innocence so that the other car were not prescribe the manufacturer of rear view mirrors were not working turn indicators, brake lights, was a "bald" tires.