Network Marketing


Most likely, these people are losers. If you are not so, it is hardly worth listening to these people. Now give some of the myths invented by the MLM-schikami, in order to attract new members to the pyramid. 1. The best business – it is network marketing, the future for him for 60 years of MLM, none of these companies did not come to a leading position in the world.

2. MLM – the path to independence, the creation of their own business in MLM-projects especially at lower levels, do not worry about the autonomy and independence, as the rules common to all project participants. Even at the higher levels you will have to reckon with the overall strategy. 3. Network Marketing – is a guaranteed success and riches in fact, not all making big money in these projects. Otherwise, where would come from the myths from the opponents of this business? In order to earn money for network marketing, you need to strictly follow the guidelines and with full dedication to plow day and night.

And not for the fact that the income would be impressive. So that you understand that you may incur a loss from this business. Facts and Statistics estimated that in USA there are about thousands of network marketing companies, but on the whole world – no less than three thousand. Because of stiff competition network companies rarely share information about their work, they are afraid of losing their distributors and customers. Available only general information about network marketing. World Federation of Trade Associations ( annually provides a report on the development of online business in approximately 80 countries. Here Some excerpts from the last report. Global turnover of network companies is rapidly approaching the mark at $ 100 billion a year. Only one U.S. markets and Japan to provide $ 30 million contribution of Germany and France is estimated at 7 billion dollars and Brazil Mexico bring in $ 3 billion in other countries – Italy, England, Argentina, Malaysia, Taiwan – a turnover of just over $ 1 billion worldwide, there are about 35 million distribyotorov (engaged in business as partially or completely). Of these, 10-12 million are working in the U.S., nearly 3 million in Taiwan, and approximately 2 million in Indonesia, Japan, Mexico and Thailand. Network Marketing by men and women of all ages and nationalities. Women are about four times more women than men. Older people make up about 5% of the network of distributors, distributors with disabilities are up to 8%. According to Michael Sheffield consultant network marketing companies and President Sheffield Resource Network (, in every tenth house has the American distributor. The numbers are impressive, but they are unlikely to truly reflect the real situation. Ridgely Gouldzboro, publisher of Network Marketing Lifestyles, said: "If someone asks me about the statistics of network marketing, I would say that the trade association underestimates the numbers three times. The fact that she sees only reputable companies and do not take into account each year there are small company. The output in-depth strategy used by many ways sales world-known companies: Ford, Lipton, Xerox, Gilette, MEDLIFE Insurance Ltd, ASL American Security Life, Si Save-Invest Ltd, Grazer Wechselseitige – GRAWE. (Not to be confused with Michael Chabon!). Even a giant like Coca-Cola, among many points of wholesale sales, has a network of sellers who personally go for the small retail outlets and "establish direct contact," that is directly acquainted with the buyers. So can make in network marketing? The obvious answer is – yes.