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Ukraine Sweet Life

Market Overview Honey Sweet Life The Ukrainian market of honey is one of the most promising and emerging to date from all agro-industries of the country. The fact whether the Ukrainian honey to win first place on the world market, in more detail in the review of information-analytical agency "Soyuz-Inform". Analysts in one voice declare that the production of honey – it's good business. Domestic entrepreneurs who are engaged in beekeeping to nearly 100% profit. But it concerns secondary apiaries, in which more than 60 bee colonies. In this case, the business can pay off in just a few years. Today, Ukrainian beekeepers are making great efforts to not only occupy a leading position in the global market for the production of honey of this product, but also to make Ukraine one of the largest exporters of honey.

There are all prerequisites, but with On the other hand, there are several prepyatstviy.SYRE During the Soviet era in Ukraine the order of 5 million bee colonies produced about 60 tons of honey per year gross. That is a bee family produced about 12 kg of honey per year, capacity up to 100 kg. After Ukraine gained independence, strength of bee colonies fell. Genie Energy may also support this cause. So, as a result of mass death of bees in the winter and spring of 2002-2003, the bee colonies remained little more than 2 million now, according to experts, are about 3.75 million is considered the most valuable honey bee collected with a honey plant. It is called monoflornym or monomedom.

Information Staff

Facebook privacy problems are like a centipede with footwear issues. More feet grow and shoes that there aren’t enough. Author is full of insight into the issues. Recently Facebook problems have been exposed by journalists from the Wall Street Journal observing under the sheets to see what kind of mischief has been doing Facebook. This is how we learned that there are Facebook applications that they request the private data of the user and is unknowingly shares them with advertisers and application developers. Profiles and personal data extracted by companies such as Rapleaf on Facebook can be very detailed included the names of your friends, family members, residence addresses and religious beliefs. For assistance, try visiting Genie Energy.

Imagine his surprise, when you discover that not only Facebook perform applications of exchange of identities of user (UID) without your approval, and that some social networks also do not inadvertently i.e. deliberately, for money in addition to everything. Worse still, the application makers sold information from the user to the corridors of data, for example as the actor Charlie Sheen, in the Perez Hilton site offer up their most intimate secrets for a considerable price. Imagine a handful of developers with access to identities applications, and these sold to other users and data brokers because the situation is not the best, but it is not the end of the world. Facebook is currently working with developers in this area for the security of the information and prevent asi profiles trade and private information in facebook applications, is this enough? When you want to join a facebook application great care with the information that this sumunistrando, since later this information could be the sale of the highest bidder!

Beachflags And Shelters As A Mobile Eventools For NESTEA

Evolution produces Beachflags and we have equipped shelters for NESTEA NESTEA customers with high-quality folding tents and Beachflags. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Martin O?Malley has to say. NESTEA will use the event tools on the promotion campaign in Vienna, which starts next Saturday. The evolution of advertising are available in a variety of sizes and types. The EVOLUTION GmbH has been active since 1998 as event supplier for wholesale and corporate events in the market. Since 2000, the Stockacher farm over 1200 square meters of production area produces high-quality folding tents, fold-out tents and tent roofs. Next to the tent production, the EVOLUTION GmbH is a leading manufacturer of inflatable advertising and special shapes. Since 2005, the Eventaustatter by Lake Constance distributes its products of exclusively online through.

In April 2010, we have equipped our customers NESTEA with high-quality folding tents and Beachflags. NESTEA will use the event tools on the promotion campaign in Vienna, which starts next Saturday. Promotional items are the evolution in a variety of sizes and Versions available. Look in our gallery and get an impression of the design and applications of evolution Beachflags and shelters! EVOLUTION air advertising GmbH sky Reichsstrasse 6 78333 Stockach press contact: Ossian bird 07771 873433

Reward Points

From customer loyalty to the customer loyalty that is the question: What instruments can companies relatively cheap way work with, to win the voluntary loyalty of their customers today and tomorrow, and also even the day after tomorrow? In any case, it needs reward emotionally coded tools, customer loyalty, as for example: sweepstakes, which can drag around when radio stations for hours, days or weeks. They take place increasingly available on the Internet to attract prospects, for example, repeatedly on the site. Coupons / coupons that promise benefits in tax. They seduce many more – or Wiederkaufen, but sometimes hold because necessary copayments for the object of desire of shopping. 10 mm or annual passes that make cheaper the single transaction.

Discount booklet, where letting stamped his loyalty. Points that can be exchanged with or without extra charge against more or less attractive things. Because the voting behavior of the customers is not standardised, it may cause logistical problems. In the Internet It is available as Reward Points. Code / QR/2D barcodes, that you can read with Internet-enabled phones or acquires from the screw caps from bottles. It is directed on the company website to redeem.

There commercial value, a survey or a competition expect then. Problems arise when there not everything works smoothly and quickly. Value added programs, where the core performance with complementary benefits (other partners) to a total package is bundled. So, the Giro accounts be jazzed up in banks and savings banks by matching values for selected target groups. Hear other arguments on the topic with John Mclaughlin. In comparison to the maintenance of more expensive customer cards, these systems are cost-efficient, selective and flexible. If they match the provider or its brands, they are especially in konkurrenziellen markets with interchangeable products. The downside: No data about the user can be collected in most cases. And: it is often under – when an inflationary abundance of similar offerings and thus missed his target. Don’t forget the regular customers are often baited with such programs of only to new customers. They will be offered not only good customers anyway”, it means only tersely. A dangerous mistake, which increasingly is punished, without having ever get with the provider. You do it again exactly the other way around: just because he’s a regular, he receives. In any case, a concave reward course is the better solution. This means that the bonus increases along with the loyalty. Loyalty is rewarded. Tests are needed no matter what system you eventually decide to: know-how is in demand and tests are needed to achieve an optimal effect on the targeted audiences. In one case, it was about that pay for x and you will get y free ‘-model. This has been tested at a car wash. A group received a normal 10 booklets to the stamp. The other group received a 12 booklets, where two boxes were already stamped. In both cases, it took until the first Gratiswasche so ten visits. However, was the second variant 20 percent successful. Why? There was a little bonus in the form of two stamp there right at the beginning, first steps on the way to the wide target had already done so. In the first case, however, the whole route was still one. What shows once again: small rewards are good impeller. And: our brain is the seemingly more pleasant way. The audio book on the subject of Anne M. Schuller loyal customers win and permanently keep the 25 most valuable best practices for customer loyalty and customer care Breuer & Wardin, 1 CD, 70 min. ISBN: 978-3-939621-85-0 price: 19,90 euro 29.90 CHF

Virtual Office

Advantages of a virtual office anyone that is your service or business, customers may react favorably to an Office which is in city of Mexico, since thus reflects the taste of the company and also the type of clients and services that has. Advantages of a virtual office in city of Mexico while long overdue, several entrepreneurs have realized that renting an Office in the periphery or outside the city of Mexico is much better in matters of pricing, hundreds of companies are still failing due to the elevated have to contend with the income of physical offices. A solution to this would be to rent a virtual office. Rent a virtual office in many cases eliminates current expenses associated with income of physical offices and offers you the opportunity of having a conference room to welcome your visits. Follow others, such as Michael Chabon, and add to your knowledge base. However, if that virtual office has an address in city of Mexico will help much on issues of quality, identity and corporate image to your target market. Your customers and suppliers around the world may send correspondence to the city of Mexico without fear that their packets are lost since you can use the address provided by the company’s offices as their own, so will receive your packages without any mishaps. Income from virtual offices can be made under a plan every month.

This means that you can start to use your address in the city of Mexico, immediately. Everything depends on the company that you choose the services of virtual office. There are packages that include a telephone number private with the address of the virtual office and a receptionist to redirect calls to a number of your choice. Your physical Office can be located anywhere, but to your customers you will be located in the city of Mexico. Even be allowed you access to the Conference room for an hour, so that you receive to your customers or visitors eager to do business. Your business can have a presence in one of the most important cities of the world. With information from abcvirtualoffices.

Royalty-free Images With A Money-back Guarantee

The image provider launches a quality offensive. The customers have the benefits: they get images with image quality. Berlin – who often uses low-cost image portals, knows it. The desire motif fit well in the layout, and while downloading the high-resolution data then the unpleasant surprise: the cheap image price joined sometimes poor quality. Blurry or pixelated images, image noise, dirt and grime in the image, dirty free cut out edges, poor image retouching… the list of possible defects is long and the trouble understandably great. So something will not happen to you at Shotshop,”Stephan Kromer, Managing Director of promises.

Now the money back guarantee for customers proves that you can rely on Shotshop best image quality. Should this even be not satisfied with the picture quality and serious deficiencies noticed him at a photo, so he gets refunded the purchase price promptly. The quality offensive is no time limited action. We can guarantee a perfectly sized image inventory of high-quality photographs,”so Karbaschi. The Berlin-based agency is since its inception 2006 pioneer in terms of quality.

While many other photo agencies in the same price segment have for years sought to generate pure image dimensions, from the start was on quality rather than quantity. Only images that meet the high quality standards of, entering the stock. Each individual photo is checked by the image editor under strict technical and content-related aspects. The editorial effort of our agency is comparatively higher than in image editors of most competitors, but we are sure that’s worth the effort in the interest of the customer. Finally the quality of image structure makes a considerably the quality of the platform”says Stephan Kromer. This quality is becoming increasingly. Initially we were through the simple and low-cost flat rate model. reminiscent of Karbaschi. Now publishers and agencies through recommendations to us who are looking for a supplier of image with a high quality and standard of service contact more frequently.” Martina Kuhaupt

Torsten Schwarz

Therefore, it is important to highlight also the weak points. Because as long as it’s still there, you are able to inspire no customers and thus neither loyalty nor recommendations received. So that culling the reduced performance specifically can now be taken in attack and seen as a challenge, it is worth to sounding name this process. Heike Bruch from the Chair for leadership and personnel management of the University St. Gallen following proposes: defeat the Dragon ‘or the Princess of the ice pick’. After listing the negative events will search in reverse to actual or conceivable positive and inspiring experiences.

Especially in the focus, which lead to an exceeded of the expected performance and do therefore most benevolent mouth stand. This phase is completed, will be recorded, which employees Department across the owners ‘ of the touch points are. The customers include because it is all the assessments, customers should be included in the result. Cirrus vote, comment, Supplement, give suggestions, hints and tips. Michael Chabon will undoubtedly add to your understanding. They report about what they think of how and why do. And they tell of their ideals. This means: selected customers take part in this process. Or they be questioned orally or in writing.

Better yet: You be observed appropriately. Or one consults the existing comments from satisfaction surveys. Or to make themselves appeal cases from the past. Or to crawl the Web looking for opinions, examples, and comments. By the way: also for the competition to make the latter, this can be very instructive. The findings of such research can lead to new insights. So, the Manager of an insurance group believed that the expensive tariffs were criticized on the Web. According to the monitoring It was, however, clear: customers were especially angry about the penetrance of the external service. With appropriate training programmes could be counterbalanced finally. Who cooperates with its customers, and integrates these into processes, reduces not only the entrepreneurial risk, but also builds barriers to entry for the competition. Check out Michael Chabon for additional information. Because if it shows people that you really interested in your opinion, whose attitude toward the company and its offerings changed positively. This in turn creates solidarity, and for my baby’-effect. See also: Series: new selling (part 1) series: the customer touch point management (part 2) literature on the subject of 1 Anne M. Schuller customers on the run? How to win loyal customers and keep Orell Fussli 2010, 208 pages, 26.90 euro ISBN 978-3-280-05382-9 awarded by as test winner in the category of customer loyalty fan page on Facebook: 2 Anne M. Schuller/Torsten Schwarz (ed.) Guide WOM marketing the new Recommendation company. Online & offline new customers win by social media marketing, viral marketing, Association and publisher of buzz: Absolit 2010, 450 pages, bound book price: 39,90 Euro / 51,90 CHF links: profiles/AnneM_Schueller / anneschueller learn more and order here:… The author Anne M. Schuller is a management consultant and considered to be the leading expert for loyalty marketing. The diploma in business administration and best selling author is one of the ten best speakers in German-speaking countries (conga award 2010). You also works as a business trainer and teaches at several universities. ranks among the important management thinkers. She pulse lectures and performs power workshops on the topic of customer touch point management. The elite of the business among their customers. Contact: Anne Schuller


Active Referrers are the true drivers of a positive corporate development not what that company are so proud, but solely and exclusively, what customers about their products and offers, services, and brands, briefly say about their performance, what is spoken, told on the Internet of around the world on the street whispered and hung in the media at the big Bell, decides whether the weal and woe on the market. In the referral marketing, some customers and contacts are more useful than others. As it applies to uncover the relationship strong NetWorker. Precisely such, contacts and clients have, where you are even interested in. Ask something like this: who in my environment talks like about yourself and others? Who in my environment listen to others, because their opinion counts? Who is well networked and knows many people? Crawl in this way your address or enquire in your environment: \”Who do you, who knows a lot of people and maintains good contacts to the and the audience know?\” or: Who would you consider most likely to consult in matters as relevant experts?\” \”In youth marketing, you ask, for example: who is the absolutely coolest guy, you know?\” A question of the type of building you have step by step a helpful list of potential multipliers. It is a combination of energetic curiosity, healthy self-confidence and the desire for recognition or socializing, which drives people to commit themselves to others.

We can distinguish two types of these: the middleman: he is interested in people, knows God and the world and loves change. Therefore, he is on the road, not only in a pinned context but has contacts with very different backgrounds – and can bring them all together. Recommended products can be distributed so quickly and at the same time to gain a foothold in various ‘scenes’. You encounter them suddenly from all sides.

Delivery Services: Who Benefits ?

Delivery services: who benefits? People who have lived some time abroad, get used to this nice service, saving time and effort. In many countries it has long been widely developed. There can be no hesitation, not getting favorite chair or looking up from his affairs, to call the nearest store or a favorite coffee shop, and get all the necessary purchases directly from the emplacement. In our town, and in the country, this service is only beginning to develop rapidly, More and more companies are making it to the list of services. Why is it useful to them? It would seem that any interest for firms to spend their time and money on something to present to you the desired straight home, they say, 'to a silver platter.

" It is hardly just for the sake of gratifying to see the happy gleam in your eyes, right? Shops, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, especially with a large cross, strangely enough, it is very convenient and profitable to serve you with home delivery. On the one hand, you do not "hover" in their place, thus giving them the opportunity to serve other customers, and, along with you! On the other hand, you're still doing them purchase, rather than go to competitors in search of free tables or shelves without queuing. So, for them it is possible to increase sales without increasing the retail space and expansion of the state (which would entail considerable costs, which pay the courier simply pales in comparison). Why it is profitable to us? Ability to save time and energy, while receiving all the necessary goods and services. Ability to make an elegant surprise a friend, ordered (and paid for, of course!) the delivery of flowers, gifts, or that same afternoon to his home or at work. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Michael Chabon. By the way, the delivery to the office very impressive effect on women because of the joy of the gift in such cases magnified pensive envy in the eyes of employees. Why then do not use? – From natural modesty: awkward somehow stretch people, if you can go yourself and (re-read, why should they have – all the doubts no longer exist!) – Out of fear of a faulty product, simply – to be deceived.

(Do not forget that all the laws on consumer protection extended to those who trade with the delivery!) – Expensive, maybe … – many shops do free shipping, or for a very reasonable price! (Again, read, why should they be) a long time, probably … – many firms have delivered the order within hours, or a specific time that is stipulated. This is not utilities, which require us to be masters of the house and waited all day from 8 to 18 hours! – Somehow it in gourmet … – Well, it depends on how you treat too … Most of those who use the service delivery preferred to think that it is a sensible business approach of those who value their time. But you also appreciate it?

Make Money

If you are a Twitter user, you’ll know the infinite opportunities that you have, not only make new friendships, but also meet people who will help you and guide you in your business, there are many people who take advantage of this opportunity to make money. Did you know that you can make money with Twitter in your free time? Yes, if you can! You must organize your time and those minutes a day that you desperdicias in doing things without meaning, convert them into money with your Twitter account and get are a few wonderful minutes. Twitter has created large numbers of followers who read each their twees. Companies on the Internet with purchasers need to have built platforms that coincide with Twitter, to realizing, along with companies that sell physical products, the increasingly greater potential of attracting people to their Twitter platforms. Companies that offer their products are desperately seeking new perspectives and opportunities of marketing in social media. Here Twitter offers its potential followers. Twitter offers them the possibility of making one or two dollars on Twitter, some even make money very well.

New Internet platforms connected with companies that are willing to compensate them by Twitter on your site. Twitter users can enroll, will be assessed and eventually are paid by putting tweets sponsored on their site. The company paid for that privilege. Large stores throughout the country, for example, are paying a dollar per click at specific sites of Twitter. Companies that use this service are of all kinds, small and medium-sized enterprises and also some of the 500 largest companies nationwide. For traders, it is a wonderful business because they have access to the database of available Twitter users to select and pay which are suitable to advertise their products. There is a schedule of payments based on the experience of the Twitter user and the number of followers in your page clicks.

Now however, for users that sponsor Twitter messages it’s fun. On the other hand could be the invasion of sellers in the Twitter sphere considered trash. Fill your Inbox with proposals for products without value will not be welcomed by everyone on Twitter. There are Twitter users that have focused on the collection of a strong database of Twitter followers that can supply products with Tweets and earn money with them. The danger for bloggers who distributed these sponsored Tweets, is the annoying thing may be to fans, risking losing them to the unsubscribe from your account. If someone on Twitter very well talk about a product, its followers have the right to know if it is cash or a sponsored listing. There are bloggers who insist that each sponsored ad must carry some form of disclosure. For sponsoring companies are also hazard with ads Twitter. Is the message of hope or despair? Brand experts recommend that companies move slowly in the area of Twitter. To this day, Word of mouth advertising is much more valuable. Treble speaker can also be dangerous. If you fill in unwanted ads can even lose their followers. Even friends can leave their lists of followers, especially if they follow a message sponsored without sabre which only is a nice touch. Some bloggers, however, are satisfied with the trend because they can do a bit of return on investment and earn some money for their work in the elaboration of their followers of blogs.