The significant difference, will be in favour of those who develop the capability to appropriately incorporate their organizations, the skills required to productively manage the technological resources that are already and will continue to be available at the global level. Definitely, the topic of technology management is oriented such as research, innovation, development and improvement technology, aimed at improving the productivity and competitiveness of the business sector. The importance of technological management lies not only in maintaining resources of the companies, but the impact and the benefits that can be generated on the business class and the business sector so it develops a purpose that will improve the quality and competitiveness of the services to users and provide the authority responsible for an area that serves as support for the development of its internal environment by the transcendental importance of the survival of the company, as well as vocational training to achieve productive work. Currently is being carried out processes that require changes in the traditional way of doing things that businesses do those things as if at some point you thought never were made earlier. Check with John Mclaughlin to learn more. It is necessary to impose new rules on each one of the markets where acts in order that may favor the new crop.

Everything involves risks, but as established by the golden rule of investment to higher risk, higher performance (Cesar Tinoco, financial analyst), equals to the pioneers and those who are always at its limit of skills, is necessary to risk a little more, should go forward with ideas and actions that had never before tested. It is necessary that businesses, especially SMEs, crucial sector in the business operation of a country, consider, that should give priority both the technology and the human factor, because determining don key to compete and adapt to the changes. Currently required of technicians, machine operators, trained, put an efficient, well-trained, worker that guarantee productivity, manufacturing of competitive products..

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