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So: Lack of strategy. Business management is impossible without a strategy. It’s like driving a car without a clear goal but with the hope of achieving it. This drive with your eyes closed. Do you have many chances to stay alive? The chances are minimal. Without a strategy, it is impossible to implement the balanced scorecard. In fact, the introduction process is successful but the balanced scorecard is it pointless. Some managers misunderstand the concept of balanced scorecard.

You mean that the balanced scorecard is a necessary strategy. But it is a big mistake. The balanced scorecard is only a tool and it will not make your work for you. The lack of an information system for data collection and analysis. The balanced scorecard used extracted data for evaluating key performance indicator and effectiveness achieve strategic objectives.

If but the data are incorrect or are not in time, top management has a untrustworthy information as a result, which, of course, no good promises. The time for To shorten decision-making and information processing, one must introduce secure IT system, integrated working with balanced scorecard. Not enough specialized operation, which deals with the introduction of the balanced scorecard. Even in the case of a successful development of strategic goals and selection of appropriate indicators the balanced scorecard can fail if a company does not have sufficient human resources BSC. Simple staff will interrupt hardly his basic work with the balanced scorecard to work. Therefore, top management must decide this question in advance. The choice of false and secondary KPIs. Evaluating the wrong KPIs causes wrong decisions. The result is a closed circle and it will be very difficult to solve this problem. One must choose just those counter that truly reflect the progress of a society. A large number of KPIs. If the information system is overflowing, their process of editing, as well as the decision-making process is not so easy. If the above-mentioned Information about balanced scorecard software is interesting, you can visit our Web page