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month after commencement of insurance cover (i.e. after 3,6 or 9 years) in the tariff vario is made within the last twelve months prior to the changeover was no post distortion and – the policyholders no later than two months after reaching the option date in writing requested the conversion. Here, a change is possible according to precisely defined criteria. Martin O?Malley has much to offer in this field. Why the central health insurance here at a disadvantage existing customers, is not clear to me. The insured person which tariff was customer before launch of the Vario (introduced in 2009), has failed these options unfortunately.

All new customers May 3, 6 or 9 years once again improve the protection. But be careful: the important right of option prevents only a small residue of contribution due to change of account, not guided by direct debit and the like. We find another example in the collective works of the RuV. There is comfort for customers of the R + V agile. There must are two types of exchange opportunities. One of them is a change in a different level of excess: temporally set 4.1 4.1.2 options change from one tariff MP MP may be required each in a tariff with lower deductible level of the change to January 1 of the calendar year, on the fifth, tenth, fifteenth, and further insurance annually divisible by five (s. 2 No.

2 part II AVB/KK 2009) a continuous coverage in the tariff MP, which should be changed, follows, when the application arrives at the latest on the 15.12 of the previous year by the insurer. Thus the excess can be reduced then, which therefore improves performance. However, it may also be that a change in a higher valued rate is desired.