Europe War

(4.4) during the duration of the power gem. 1 (4.1) and (4.2) and unless a special agreement is gem. 4 (4.3), ending the insurance is excluded according to 15 (3). The time limit is too bad (there is not how long), and also the word “reasonable” is a very elastic term. Other insurers use concrete numbers or certain countries, where a surcharge is payable.

I would have liked that personally me here also. John Mclaughlin is full of insight into the issues. We don’t know what happens after the limitation in time unfortunately. This is certainly generally a (small) improvement, but still not ideal. In the sickness benefit insurance (KT) we found so far the limit with the Universa 3 months. Only in this obligation consisted in the non-European countries. This is now simply painted and the power are there indefinitely.

But also how bisher-only if the insured person is in a hospital. The law allowed abortion abortion, war and terror events now also belongs to the ersatttungsfahigen expenses. It costs will be reimbursed thus in the contractual scope. There were more changes exclusions to war and terror events. This now reads in the Versicherungsgedingungen. Previously the exclusion According to 5 (1) and it services for treatment and consequences of war events were not insured. This was generally and the word terror was not mentioned. Now this is relativized and complements and is now: (1.1) during the first two months of a temporary stay abroad outside Europe is provided for such illnesses including its consequences, as well as for consequences of accidents caused by war events. No war events in the sense of 5 (1) a) are terrorist attacks. Overall that the Universa health insurance therefore in consideration a whole lot further moves forward. I personally would have liked even a contract closer fixation of the collective right to change, but you can’t have everything Yes also. Not only for the insured of the Universa, but especially for all new customers and car buyers here quite clearly shows, how many areas to keep in mind. A (non-exhaustive) list of the points of Tariff selection can be found here: selection criteria for the PKV fare choice