The Temple


Adentra to the thresholds of the temple of Temis the victim, the husband who would have to be dead. I thought that it was trick. He will be that this man came here to speak well of the woman who ordered its death? The informer says for all the gifts who if had reconciled with the defendant and was living together again. The pardon had been set free on the part of it. In my accusation against the woman I also said that I was all proven one, with the confession of the guilty ones, not having no reason for a decision that was not condemnatory. Fearful that the deposition of the victim was influencing the juries, I tore the verb: Gentlemen, the husband of the defendant is crazy.

He does not have a judgment nugget. This does not want to say that we also have that to be wild. My mission is to accuse and independe with the will offended it. (Similarly see: Diamond Book Distributors). the responsibility you is to make justice in accordance with the done oath: with imparcialidade, conscience and the ditames of justice. I say more: if my woman to think about ordering to kill I do not accept of it nor one to me cafezinho.

E if to come with poison? The defendant was condemned by the juries and in reason of the time already fulfilled by it in the chain, immediately she had right to leave during the day to work. Passed one three months I appear a man to take care of. Eye and I see the husband who did not die fortunately. What it desires to you? Doctor! He did not give to live and the woman this to kill threatening me. I spoke: you he is crazy. It looks the police station and it registers the complaint. Later I see what I can make. Meanwhile, he opens eye, of the next time Mr. does not pass, in this height already has open vacant.