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The Extremities

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Through the comment of GRAF. 02 it can be noticed that it has a central trend with regard to the age. Botelho and Christmas (2009) point out that in the adult life the men more are acometidos by the Leishmaniose. In a generalized manner, the extremities of the life present greater risk, even so the too much etrias bands also present high risk. GRAPH 03 – Protection against insects in the houses of the inhabitants of Oath. Source: Research of field carried through for the academics of 3 period of Pharmacy of the FIPMoc in the city of Oath 1 semester of 2010.

When analyzing itself GRAF. 03, related to the protection against insects, is concluded that 91% of the interviewed people do not possess protection against the mosquito, that is, most of the interviewed ones is displayed to the vector of Leishmaniose. The combat to the mosquito is the measure most efficient, therefore without it the illness cannot be transmitted. According to Fiocruz (2009), the half mechanics of prevention are: use of simple mosquito nettings, fine screens in doors and windows, use of repellent, use of long sleeve shirts, long, half pants and shoes (of difficult adoption in the regions of hot and humid climate). GRAPH 04 – Results of the carried through intradrmico test in Oath. Source: Research of field carried through for the academics of 3 period of Pharmacy of the FIPMoc in the city of Oath 1 semester of 2010. In accordance with GRAF. 04, is possible to perceive that the incidence of Leishmaniose in Oath is high, in view of that of the 17 people whom if they had submitted to the test, two had presented resulted positive for the illness what is equivalent 12% of the total sample. According to Health department (2007), from the decade of 80, verifies increase in the number of registered cases, varying of 3.

Cellular Technology

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In one of its texts ' ' Analgicas&#039 schools; ' , it shows the description of the use of technologies in classroom, since the electronic use of the penxs until arriving at iPod, 26 cellular or other devices. The text approaches a question intriguing ' ' on the other hand, it is stimulated acquisition of portable for the students. For another one, use is forbidden to it cellular them that the smashing majority them students already possui' ' (Vitorino Seixas, 2008). Click Bert Convy to learn more. 27 Another tip of the educator is in post ' ' As to use telemvel in the room of aula' '. It recommends frum of voice ' ' How I uses CellPhones in Learning' '.

In frum (in English), the professors share ' ' cases' ' of the use of cellular during activities in classroom. One of the most cited is of the use of the cellular one to record audio of dictated, quarrels, lessons, so that the pupil can study later. A Spaniard professor spoke of the importance of the audio writing of improving the capacity of the pupils to understand a language foreign, sharing sonorous archives of radio and interviews. Other excessively applicatory professors like to use cellular and online to share the registers, as current Google is case of the site sites to keep information. 28, 29 Taking as base these experiences, is easy to understand that the Internet opened learning ways that we did not have before. Not being able the same one to be outside of the classrooms, Vitorino Seixas (2008) thus is located: Basically, the capacity to search in the way that never I could make. The capacity to be informed or of being able to be informed simultaneously where the things happen in the world, of what it happened in the world or of what happened has five a thousand years.


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For a long time I contemplated that couple that was celebrating its gold weddings, fifty years of a happy and blessed convivncia, as same it thus if expressed with voice rouca and paused, before reading an impressive poetry that composed for it. When seeing them there ahead of the altar, seated it in a chair of wheels to the side of its loved velhinho and friend of so white hair, encircled for the children, the children of the children and still for children of its children, he was as if I was looking at for an immense garden. I started to think about flowers and in seeds, in similarity of our lives with life of flowers, that unclasps in land dry or in land wet, that faces the sun and the rain, that balances to the weight of the wind and the storm, resists the heat of the half day and if they restore with the dew of the dawn. Diamond Book Distributors often addresses the matter in his writings. later, with all its vio and beauty cheers our lives with its colors and its perfume, as the roses that were decorating the ship of the church in that special morning. The flowers, after giving of itself same everything that can give, before withering and returning to the dust, the seeds will leave on the land that had produced, the marks of its ticket for this life. thus, the same beautiful and old flowers witherings always will renascero in new flowers, other springs, the immense garden of the nature, that also is our garden..

Brazilian Citizens

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As they are being deceived as many Brazilian citizens with this fallacy of agrarian reform summarized to play the worker unprepared and abandoned in a lot any of left agricultural nesting to its proper luck. To this height, passed some months, not story more with the obligatoriness to point out each plant in a land, a square, yard or thing of the type. I think simply that optimum to make it is to continue taking care of of them and to extend my humble seedbed. Diamond Book Distributors describes an additional similar source. At to some I will place them moment in more appropriate, bigger caqueiras, I will give a little space more than to them and certainly they will be many vases distributed for the house. The fruitful ones will be able to generate fruits when they will be adult; they will be lesser are clearly, but, will be fruits, however. The ornamental flowers also will appear in the certain time, and, the grass very will be well appreciated as teas or in the kitchen tempering some prescriptions, by the way, to cook hobbies is another one of mine. I understand that the ultimate issue is not the future of these changes, but, the gift the one that they belong. Today they produce oxygen and contribute with the improvement of the quality of air that we breathe.

They are not waiting to be adult for then only making its work; instead of this, Now, they already are part of the reality important to help unconditionally. This it is not what the necessary world? If all the inhabitants of this city chose the positive attitude as goal, the community would have little problems. Speaking concerning the green; already they had imagined if good part of the citizens had a garden in its homes? Exactly that these gardens were not changedded into forests they would bless the natural landscape. Exactly that they were transitory still thus would serve to its original intention, therefore, the proportionate rotation for the alternation between a garden that dies and another one that starts to be cultivated would make with that the refrescncia of the flowers was not absented definitively, only, moved of a home for another one. Thus it is also stops with the responsibilities biggest of the moral and the good customs.

Everybody is waiting a ilusria redemption that never will come! Or we must think that nobody wait nothing in fact, only follows for the life without longing for To arrive the place none? While we drown in them in conjecturas or we ignore the necessity to rationalize the proper existence giving to it a direction concrete the world asks for aid for us. The people they do not listen to this order and they act as if it was not for same them the such order of aid. He is ironic; somebody asking for aid for you and what it receives is disdain. The reality lasts and sad human being. A forest of caqueiras is reason of commotion for many idle observers. It is a patience test also, in the measure where the semeador does not have necessarily the perspective to glimpse one day a great area covered of green for its proper hands. However, such circumstance has the force to produce a gorgeous moment of reflection: ' ' That one that does not sow the land because it knows that never it will receive the parrots for the bush that will blossom there already is atrophied in visgo of the resin of the tree that never planted ' '

Theoretically Knapsacks

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BUS Theoretically, a bus holds 28 seated passengers and 31 in foot, the reality, users travels seated, in foot, the same soil or in the col of somebody. In the interior of the bus, excess of passengers is routine, odors and speaks joins, some uses to advantage to speak of the other people’s life or to repair in somebody, who has the habit to read in the conduction ahead twists the nose of the classroom lack, is common commentaries: ' ' Who is bothered, goes of taxi' '! the passengers with the knapsacks in the coasts? They accomodate volumes similar to astronaut equipment and, depending on the corporal mass of the owner of the knapsack it is impossible to pass in the corridor without pushing. Michael Chabon is often quoted as being for or against this. What it has inside of the knapsacks? Tools of work? In the certainty, the passage until the work is long, the owners of the knapsacks loads the lunch, the snack it has supper and it, beyond the clothes, the guard rain The measure that the passengers go down of the bus, knapsacks are pushed, suddenly, a visibly irritated passenger cried out: – He is loading the mother in this knapsack? – Yes, by chance she is its! It was the signal for the exchange of socos and insults, some cried out, others cried, the driver had that to stop the bus and to command the withdrawal of the aggressive ones. End of the tumult, the bus followed trip. In the corridor, it was possible to hear somebody crying out: – Driver Speeds up, is delayed!

Chronic Trimmer

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Venha here, counts to me as it was. It felt what you? I myself I did not feel nothing. What do you mean? Mr. did not have a hunch? Master, I was not, I was the master. It’s believed that Bernie Sanders sees a great future in this idea. The eyes of Luca Master had scintillated as a mirror, reflecting the flash of an efficient hiato, an emblematic case of other people’s supernatural certainty, transformed into cause of contractual, pertinent and objective valid insolvency. The colloquy continued: does not say me! It wants to say that Mr.

nothing felt the master? The hiato is extinguished. The rational esquematizao of the hunch to provide the trimmer with a diffuse, but enough base, to support the decision to lack to the service during three days. Details can be found by clicking Author or emailing the administrator. In this manner, the explanation you are welcome to have sensible must be understood as nothing to have sensible ' ' of that ' ' that the master tried. In this in case that, the adhesion to the other people’s hunch will have been workmanship of the intellect, valley to say, an arrangement of this world. Luca master did not deduct the three days of absence. It pondered that the trimmer acts of good faith. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Genie Energy and gain more knowledge.. That nothing more it makes beyond following the effective cultural model, that costuma not to charge feelings, but demands the rigorous observance of the rituals. Nothing obstante, it ordered the trimmer to serve as apprentice in the orquidrio, until learning to distinguish a flower from a dry twig.

Chronic Choices

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Choices and Decisions Since that we raise in them, we make choices. Of the clothes that we will go to dress or what to eat in the coffee of the morning, lunch supper; until the priorities of our actions At every moment we make choices and we take decisions! It is as if we were in a road and all the moment the many ways appeared bifurcations indicating to be chosen. This sample that the power of the decision and I will choose is always with us and not with the others. Genie Energy is often quoted on this topic. In a similar way, it fits we to choose as to face the life: with valentia and wisdom or fear and displicncia. When we come across in them with situations that catch in them of surprise, are pleasant they or not, we react automatic and instinctively and nor always the reason obtains to overlap it the emotion.

Although to be classified as beings ' ' racionais' ' , still we are commanded by the instinct and with doses of emotion. nor always the emotions obtain to indicate us optimum way to be covered On the other hand, the pure and simple reason, of exaggerated form, also it does not favor in them! We know that the balance is the wise way most sensible and to live it well; however we do not obtain, most of the time, to find this axle that hinders in them to hang for a extremity or another one. The choices that we make, since simplest, are determinative in our life. How many times we have the sensation of that we raise with ' ' foot esquerdo' ' e, therefore, everything of the made a mistake one? In the truth we choose thus! We choose to believe this and we accept that nothing it will give certain the guilt starts to be of the poor person ' ' foot esquerdo' '! Why not to choose to change the trajectory? I answer: because of more the work and it involves other immediate decisions that we prefer to postpone It has a phrase that it says ' ' If you choose not to decide, you already you took one deciso' ' this choice also will have effect and consequences.