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The Operation

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If the time difference there arc contacts, circuit breakers and turn immediately to determine the cause arcing operation with them to produce. Operations with single-pole disconnect switches made by the operational rod should be executed in the order, which provides the greatest safety for personnel. Assume that staff mistakenly started to turn off breakers under load. Mixed loads more safely off the first of three isolators, as this is not there is a strong arc, even if the chain passed the rated current. At the time of divergence between the two contacts, you may receive only a relatively small potential difference, since on the one hand disconnectable disconnector will be under the power supply voltage, on the other hand it will work for a while about the same emf induced in the rotating power of the two phases of synchronous and asynchronous engine load, and by capacitor banks, installed in the distribution network. When you disable the second disconnect switch under load will be a strong arc.

The third isolator generally will not turn off no power. Since disabling the second order of the disconnector is the greatest danger, he should be as far as possible from the breakers of other phases. Therefore, at any location disconnectors (horizontal or vertical row), the first should always turn off the middle phase disconnect switch, then disconnect switches at the location in a horizontal row in turn cut off the extreme breakers, and in a vertical arrangement of isolators (one above the other) the second cut off the upper isolator, the third – the lower one. Transactions include single pole breakers in reverse order. In circuits containing switches with spring actuator, the operation of disconnectors should be performed at weak springs to avoid accidental switch is turned on during the production operations of disconnectors. In networks, 6 – 10 kV employees with compensation of capacitive earth fault current, disconnect switches before disconnecting the transformer magnetizing current, which is included in the neutral arcing reactor, we must first turn off arcing reactor in order to avoid overvoltages that can result from the uneven opening of the contacts of the three phase breakers. Details can be found by clicking Martin O?Malley or emailing the administrator. Personal safety for personnel performing operations with disconnectors. At any operations with disconnectors that are under stress, performing the operation (and controls its actions – in the case of participation in the switching of two persons) must first choose a location for the drive apparatus to avoid injury from possible damage and falls down together with the apparatus insulators attached to them conductive elements, as well as protect themselves from direct exposure to the electric arc at its occur.

Internet Secret

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Although our objective is that, our way to arrive at that the client buys to us, is when we demonstrated to him that we wished to help them to overcome a problem or to satisfy a desire him. The majority of the people in Internet is sailing by two main reasons, information and communication. The Internet secret is to obtain that They look for to You For Comprarte and not to leave your a to try to sell. Internet is a cold market In Internet the gestures, the voice and the expresividad of the salesman are very annotated. Although is cold the relation in contrast we have many to take care of at the same time. It is verified that of the 100% of the companies that begin 80% closes before the 5 years and 80% of rest 20% close to the 5 following years. (Similarly see: Martin O?Malley). The reason of because they close is for want of clients that is lacking of sales.

Therefore before sending a product to the market we must analyze the potential of clients exhaustive. The majority makes the opposite. They send the product and later they verify if they are sold, and they implement strategies to convince the people. Making a metaphor, the logical one is to find the well of hungry fish and to send the network to capture the greater amount of fish there. If one identifies the first niche of market that is looking for or that they have a necessity, then we will be assured successful.

It identifies a Necessity and Soon It creates the Solution When one analyzes the market previously the content is far better, the title of the product, the dominion to promote it, the format that you use, etc. Also the price is important because not always the low cost he will be better to sell. Sometimes a price is better than you can determine it of the previous analysis. For example we could determine if our niche would be directed but to the women who to the men. Then if but interested they are the women, perhaps the format with pink bottom would be far better that celestial. As well as this superficial aspect aid on sale, many important others but we could discover.

Fiberglass Pipes

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Glass-plastic pipes are produced in the line of continuous winding. This is a huge drum sizes from 400 mm to 2600 mm depending on the type of products produced at the moment the pipe. On shaping a cylindrical mandrel alternately applied components of inert and organic materials. Manufacture of composite pipe consists of three stages. In the first phase is the so-called diametroobrazuyuschaya supporting surface of the spiral metal strip, then on the resulting surface is imposed isolation tape.

Then fiberglass coils, which is wetted quality epoxy resin. So, is their first layers tube, called a liner. The first layer or liner has a size of 1.5 mm and a smooth surface. This allows the free flow of water ensures that no silt deposits on the inner surface of the pipe and prevents wear and tear the inner surface of the product. The first layer is chemically resistant, does not emit any harmful substances in drinking water, not chemically reacts with the vast majority of aggressive chemical elements, including alkalis. On the liner layer by layer, like a thread on a spool, continuous coils chopped fiberglass and comes quartz sand. All this is done with continuous feeding epoxy or polyester resin. The number of layers depends on the diameter of the pipe, ring stiffness, design pressure and other indicators of the pipe.

These layers form a proper main structural element of the tube and are called bearing layer. The carrier layer gives the necessary strength characteristics of the pipe. And, finally, the familiar process scheme is the third and final layer, it has a thickness of 1 mm and is called external. How do you understand the outer layer is the protective function, protects and preserves the pipe from the external environment, including the biological effects of soil and aggressive from aggressive UV radiation at ground installation of backbone networks. The resulting tube is made of composite material is heated in a special 'stove' infrared emitters. As a result of a chemical reaction of epoxy resin and, as consequently, its cure. The materials of which formed the tube wall, forming a strong and solid composite having properties with the elastic deformation, that is, in spite of loads of soil, the dimensions of the tube remains unchanged. This effect is achieved as a result of continuous supply of epoxy resin in the process release the pipe. That neatly encapsulates all the resin components of the design, therefore, categorically ruled out the destruction of the tube in a process operation of the network or with a different exposure.

Electronic Mail

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It is possible that at the moment you notice or see a little less than post office Spam than arrives at its mailbox of electronic mail, but now the messages that arrive can contain virus of the habitual thing, according to a report of Google. The amount of Spam that is transmitted slightly reduced in August and September, according to this study. The Spam in the third trimester of the year was of a 24 percent in comparison with the same period of the last year, information based on the report. In August the virus in the electronic mails made by Google increased a 111 percent, in comparison with the same month of the last year, said the company in an official notice. Frequently Bernie Sanders has said that publicly. The system of Google has blocked a record of 188 million electronic mails that contain virus in a single day and which they have affected diverse types of network topologies. This malware is more and more powerful and it is in the messages that they intend to notify on the death of a determined celebrity, the risk under these electronic mails is quite high. This virus computer science it is possible to be triggered when the receiver clicks in an attached file to an electronic mail. For the study, Google analyzes more than 3 billions of messages process by the system every day during a period of three months..

The Atmosphere

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In the street they are going to find identification models that will exert major influences at least are the valid elements in the familiar life and within the framework student. If the street and the district are near the normative group, the young people will socialize themselves in a normality atmosphere; if the atmosphere that is in the street is of marginalization, at that time that young and young will form in that marginal surroundings. For that reason the conditions of the district, the equipment and the resources are going to influence especially in the development of the people, in the familiar and social relations. (Source: Michael Chabon). By all this he is can’t be postponed to extend the intervention of district if it is wanted that it is an alternative of prevention as much in the primary scope as in the secondary scope of possible problematic situations, as well as of communitarian development del that are needed many parishes and quarters. It will be necessary to begin by an analysis of trustworthy investigation to write up a project that responds to the manifest needs accurately and to look for average to put it in march. The beginning of Toy libraries must be inserted in the social networks to contribute like a communitarian resource to the improvement of the relations minor-surroundings; thus the Toy library becomes a place in which the boy not only can obtain toys or play by direct mediation of the toy, but has the possibility of communicating and of being related to its resemblances, to establish new friendships, to socialize themselves with normality, to increase its resources to face the situations, etc. Details can be found by clicking Novelist or emailing the administrator. On the other hand, the Toy library as institution of the community requires of this one supports that allow to be able to grow, to spread him and to increase the quality of the services. . .

European Union

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The evolution of the social democracy and the laborismo Nevertheless, Blair and the Browns are not identified with all the policies that have their socialist groups of comrades in the rest of the continent. While these two British governors have bound his external policies to the USA and their preventive wars, the Socialists of the continent were against to invade Iraq and request immediate the distant one of this country. While the continental Socialists still maintain one preaches socializante, they speak to maintain benefits social or to give to illegal amnesty to , the British laborismo has buried its leftist phraseology or socialist, immigration raises harder restrictions and want to become the main party that it promotes to the private company. Blair and the Browns think that its success consists of to have been distancing to the laborismo of its continental pairs that not yet manage to free themselves of all their leftist past, reason for which, they create, in the majority of the European Union these have been losing the power. The social democracy was the one of arquitectas of the state of social welfare when culminating II World war. Nevertheless, those policies had force when the world accepted many Keynsian measures and the fear to Comunism did that western Europe it would create a mattress of social reforms. However, as the liberal globalisation was advancing and the Soviet block collapsed, that network of social protectionism began to be seen in circles leaders as something expensive and unnecessary (because the red danger had vanished) and as a tie that it prevented to be able to attract capital more or to compete in the world-wide market. From which the communist and socialist parties in noventas were leaving many of their previous leftist postulations and would look for to ingratiate with the model monetarist in height.

Twittero One

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I believe that in that Buzz is transformed, nevertheless it does not stop having his bad small things, and is that each message that answer appears to you in your inbox, thing that can be returned something boring if we used the mail of one more a labor form, less playful, of course, than we can solve it to this with a filter. Until there subject goes of buzz, now, phenomenon that today lived was something interesting, because we commented with some twitteros that were worrisome to see as within the Network existed many islands and is that by more community than it exists is not going to be productive (or at least for my) to be as soon as service leaves and always then communities will exist, niches or families at whom never we will be able to arrive, and begins the analysis that truly matters: as to use and why? This it must meditate each person in its small house from his laptop, PC, mac or the one that it has, personally I have not decided the options, in fact use Twitter, facebook and linked in. Now with Buzz, because it will be to prove and to see if from one I can publish in all. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Martin O?Malley on most websites. Because this one would be the ideal proposal of community, that all were abrieran and allowed to connect themselves with ALL, because a few exist that they allow, but not it happens with new of google, and because it is obvious that every one wants to be the commented favorite and between the internauts, the ego follows over the benefit the humanity (transcendental this, jeje). What yes it is clear is that google buzz is result of bankrupt Wave, or at least that seems, because it has several similar characteristics that make think that the subject of wave is not going to evolve, in fact I gave all invitations and is the hour that not who has sent messages there. It did not pass equal to them? Something peculiar that we detected today between those who we were proving the service and we wanted to integrate it with Twitter, is that the import is not working than I publish in Twitter to Buzz, in fact would hope that they soon solved to this to see it itself I make entrances in a site, or if Twitter cheers up to let concern the messages from buzz. In short, the possibilities are many, only the experience and the time will say to us that so right of google was this new accessory.

Nigeria Floods

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If Julio Bern raised the head he would cause that one of its personages you celebrate more, the German professor Otto Lidenbrock, would look for the route to arrive at the Earth center through an invention like the elevator. And it is that if now the investigators walk in the idea to give with a space elevator able to make us arrive, what explorers, to so remote and unthinkable places as the Moon. KONE, the manufacturing leader in vertical transport (elevators, mechanical stairs and automatic doors) have conducted the operation to the inverse one. That is to say, it has created in Lohja (Finland) the mine of Tytyri. There, and to a depth of 333 meters, they make sweat to anyone of the elevators that prove with absolute safety measures and guarantee. The reason of being of this hole in the depth of the Earth is not other than the one to look for optimum solutions to improve the existing solutions of elevation in the market. the hollow of the mine forms a community under earth with a framework of galleries, routes and tunnels that allow to prove of safe form the elevators more innovators, explains Monica Martin, director of Marketing KONE Spain.

Is the center of tests higher worldwide and by itself a great innovation. There and at a speed of 17 meters per second we sent the elevators to see its resistance and reliability . In this well of size natural and seated on a limestone stone mine the equipment of KONE innovation it has changed the concept of the tower of tests for elevators. For all these tests the center extends in an operative structure with an intrincate network of hollows, supply routes and tunnels in which is allowed the efficient and safe installation of the test equipment of elevators, stress Martin. In this pit the installation of the equipment of elevators for its tests, is worth of solid supply routes and a fast assembly in the hollow. Thus the things, and as if miners they were, the engineers of KONE carry out in two excavated pits studies advanced in areas like transmission systems, motor, controls, comfort of passage, influences of the pressure of the air, methods of installation and security.

The fact that the surroundings are inlaid on solid rock does to the enormously stable installation that serves as laboratory of the external conditions, adds Martin. Who is KONE KONE offers the best experience of displacement thanks to their program People Flow Experience a series of solutions that allow that the people move of comfortable, safe and smooth form, without needing great delays in the buildings and responding to the demand of a more and more built-up society. KONE provides to their clients the most innovating solutions of a world-wide leader in the industry for elevators, automatic stairs and doors. He is expert in manufacture, installation maintenance and modernization. It is a consolidated company that in the 2007 had net sales of 4,100 million Euros and has around 32,500 employees by everybody.KONE quotes in stock-market of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd in Finland.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Will Be Reduced ?

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75 countries worldwide pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In Russia, the Days of Protection of Lake Baikal. Renewable energy and biofuels are gaining in popularity. Plastic bags threaten the environment in Brazil. The pace of deforestation has slowed for the first time in history. Date of the Week: International Day for the birds. Photofact week: Competition songbirds. Overview of events for the week of 29/03/2010 to 04/04/2010.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions pledged 75 countries Total 75 participating countries the un Framework Convention on Climate Change have committed themselves to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. It should be noted that these 75 countries account for 80 percent of all greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Simultaneously, 111 countries and the European Union ‘expressed support for the Copenhagen agreement. ” The Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer convention noted that the commitment is an important step towards achieving the goal of limit the growth of emissions. Negotiation of States Parties in Copenhagen, which ended in December last year, have not led to the emergence of a new instrument to replace the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012. The next round of climate negotiations scheduled for late May and be held in Bonn. The task of developing a mechanism of cooperation of countries to fulfill the obligations of these countries to reduce emissions will addressed at the next meeting of States Parties at the end of the year in Mexico. Meanwhile, in our country, Sberbank of Russia started the procedure of examining applications made to the competition of investment projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol.

Seventh Anniversary

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With a well consolidated service of quality and, the 343 workers of the airport Gardens of the King, Coco Key, to the north of the province of Blind person of Avila, they celebrated the seventh anniversary of the creation of that installation, inaugurated the 26 of December of 2002. In that lapse the aerodrome has been in the preference of the travellers (it reaches 98% of acceptance at the moment), whose group has taken care of from its opening the movement of entrance or exit of more than two million of passengers, with time average of stay of only 17 minutes, guaranteed, by the automated control that allows agility in proceedings to the traveller. The Airport Gardens of the King, where it is combined comfort, high tech and professionalism, happens important strategy for the growth and development of the destiny Gardens of the King conformed by the keys the Coco and Guillermo. The airport Gardens of the King, in Coco Key has conditioned air in its halls delay, a control tower, area of parking of vehicles, services traditional, bank, stores, cafeterias, restaurants, day-care centers and a track of three positions of parking and standard extensions international (about 3 200 meters), that they admit the arrival of airplanes of great bearing. In the present winter season the Terminal receives about 30 flights weekly, coming from Canada, England and Argentina, among others, especially of the airlines Thomas Cook, (England), Air Transat, Air Canada and SunWing (Canada), Julia Tour (Argentina) and Cuban of Aviation. Minutes before landing in the aerial track the traveller it can observe unique landscapes, of unusual beauty and splendor a natural paradise within the tourist destiny Gardens of the King bathed by waters of the best quality and purity. It will contemplate in addition, beaches, coralline and abundant wooded vegetation, flamenco reefs pink, put or in the heat of flight.

The Terminal is located to about 10 km of the hotel network of Coco Key and approximately 30 km of the one of Key Guillermo. To small barren islands &quot can also be arrived by earth through the national network of highways and; pedrapln" constructed on the sea. The opinions of those who have visited the small barren island very positive and are described as true wonder: If you want to enjoy the nature in pure state, of virgin zones of the wild and paradisiac atmosphere, in Coco Key you will be able to dream of pretty it because it is a totally tourist site, but where first of all the nature has been respected; its constructions and maintained development goes directed to it Moved away of the bullicio of the great cities, enjoying of the rest and the tranquillity that the virgin only offers you, the pure thing. It is a destiny forced for all that one that wants to know the wonders this world and will be able to altogether see unique way and animal species and plants authenticity. From the Gardens of the King the holidaymakers to accede to other destinies, essentially with the Aerocaribean airline, in excursions to Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Havana and itineraries combined with other Cuban tourist destinies. Hotels and car in Cuba Hotels and cars in Mexico Original author and source of the article.