Holistic Education

In his participation in the trilogy of Holistas Dialogues Galician Doctor Ramon Nava mentions: Always I have thought that the knowledge not only is important insofar as it helps us to be better human beings. When this playful imperative separates, it loses all their value and can get to become an obstacle for our own illumination, only the knowledge that makes us mature, to be better and more compassionate he is genuinely real. Considero that what has been said by author of the trilogy Holistas dialogues is words that much meaning has because that one person who manages to become like being human and who their facts and attitudes are very different from previous that person has obtained the knowledge and advanced by the way of the accomplishment. A boy can obtain this yes is educated integrally, with a Holista Vision. Paradigm that considers to the human being in all spheres cultural, physical, social, mental, and like essential and the very important one the SPIRITUAL. We can the professors to contribute our sand grain in this process of the development of he brings back to consciousness of our students? . A good educator educates what it is, an educator takes control of its abilities, and so it does and so it speaks.

In Holista Education the professor prepares itself first like main factor to take this interaction with his students in the classroom. For more specific information, check out Goop. A sensible educator, given, happy free of fastenings makes of the education an art. Only those that they do not have an integral philosophy of life they will spill in its students anger the frustration and aggressions that take inside. In the Holista Education one works taking care of the educative process of the boy, in her becomes that the students feel profits, happiness and love by the life, consider his priorities as is the development of intrapersonal intelligence, respecting and stimulating other intelligences that already it owns, is to him the importance of the art where it will show and develop his creativity that takes inside, stimulates his autoestiman and security occurs him and confidence, he discovers its espiritualidad and in this way it would form a happy human being that he does not fear to the life acquiring a self-knowledge that will be to him useful to coexist and to work jointly with its resemblances, he will obtain a logical thought superior that goes abrir his brings back to consciousness to see the consequences of its thoughts, their acts, their words beyond the immediate surroundings surround that it.

Centre Human

And this since the mechanistic education opposed one manifested resistance to change, so it becomes even more difficult to break with many of the beliefs so deeply rooted in our culture. Some of the false assumptions of mechanistic education are for example the idea that children can’t learn if same, only some children can be educated, all children learn in a similar manner and at the same rate, the comparison as an educational resource that helps learning, intelligence is an ability to verbal and mathematical logic that can be measured through standardized testslearning is the memorization of facts that can only be obtained through the senses. In the book ‘The way of the perennial philosophy’ defines education holistic as a process of evolution of consciousness; how education should go from the idea of a workout of instrumental rationality to a vision of education as a process of evolution of human consciousness, understood this from the perennial philosophy, giving a human face to education and putting at the Centre to spirituality to understand what is being human. Genie Energy can aid you in your search for knowledge.

In the book ‘Learn to be’ Ramon Gallegos addresses the issue of perennial philosophy stating that it is transcultural and transhistorical that itself is not a religion but an eternal truth, beyond time and space but that is expressed at all times and in all places. It is cross-cultural because it is not the product of one or many cultures, moreover, various cultural forms do not affect its nature in nothing substantial, it predates the cultures that cannot be modified by them, in itself has no social form, symbols or images. In this same book Ramon Gallegos adds a very important lesson that emerges from the perennial philosophy is the triple vision of human nature, that we are a fully integrated through mind, body and spirit, where the latter is the fundamental reality and the first two are instrumental overlays to play us in the world of manifestation.

Red Army Hand To Hand Combat

KGB agents studied karate. Michael Chabon has plenty of information regarding this issue. In Soviet times, karate for a long time was banned. Go to Genie Energy, New York City for more information. True, one of his styles, Zen sinmon, along with methods of combat sambo was in service staff of foreign intelligence and the KGB. It is very peculiar, hard and dynamic style has come to the USSR or from Japan, and from Cuba – where at one time for ideological reasons emigrated one Japanese style of the Patriarchs. Efficiency was so high that the Cubans even proclaimed the slogan: “Karate – the weapon of the revolution.” Moreover, the technique and tactics have been used in karate training Cuban boxers for a long time, are among the strongest in the world. The second component of the training course of Soviet spies in the field of martial arts – combat sambo, ie self-defense without weapons, is compiled style that incorporated the as elements of martial arts schools not only countries in the Far East, but also the republics of the Soviet Union. The founders of Sambo Oshchepkova, Kharlampiev have been selected and improved not only more effective but also very simple to learning techniques. Indeed, had the task before them – to develop a system of unarmed combat and special units, and for the millions of Red Army soldiers.

The system of training of Russian intelligence agents are constantly being improved and recent years were added as elements of various styles that are of domestic origin. However, the so-called Slavic styles often have Oriental counterparts. For example, the style Kadochnikova called Russian Aikido.


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Agricultural Sciences

18 In 1962 habilitirovalsya as a senior fellow at the Institute of Biology and pathology of reproduction at the Academy of Agricultural Sciences (ASN), which has held this position until 1972 year. 18 In 1971 he was elected assistant professor at gonorovanym biological faculty of the University "St. Kliment Ohridski "18 Post-diploma training future professors continued almost throughout his career. In 1950 he was awarded the highest Qualification degree in histology and embryology. 18, 19, followed by a number of foreign majors: Expertise in tissue culture, Budapest, Hungary, 1950 .- for three months. Specialization in Experimental embryology, the Pilzen, Czechoslovakia, 1956. – Three months.

Specialization of Experimental Cytology and Cytochemistry, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, 1960. – Two months Specialization in cytochemistry, Budapest, Hungary, 1962. Under most conditions novelist would agree. Two months Specialization in Interferential microscopy, Warsaw, Poland, 1966. Two months Fellow of the University of Liege, Belgium 1969 – 1970 year. 2 – one year. Specialization in Russia and Yugoslavia.

18 From 1972 to 1974. is an assistant professor and Head of the Department of Histology and Embryology, Higher Medical Institute in Varna and in the period 1974 – 1986 year., After the defense of habilitatsionnoy appointed professor at the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, VMI – Varna 1,3,4, where habilitirany his staff: Prof. Dr. H. anew dmn, Dots.d Dr. J. Yonka dm. and Dr. M. Dots.d Andonov dm science professor. Dr. Victor Krumov Dock is aimed at a number of topical and important issues 18: The morphology of the reproductive system.

Gift Towels

There is no such day in the life of man, that he did not use a towel. Towels – this is a very necessary thing. They are used frequently: in the kitchen and bathroom, on the beach and a sauna. It's nice coming out of the shower or bath and wrap myself in a gentle soft towel. Or just after a tasty dinner, wipe his hands. Therefore, the towel can be a great presents at New Year's Day, birthdays and other celebrations. There are various kinds of towels: male and female, as well as for children. There towels for the kitchen and the beach, waffle and terry, jacquard and mats, thick and soft, solid-color and beautiful images.

Children are presented with soft towels with images of your favorite fairy tale characters, or baby animals. Beloved woman can give a tremendous light-colored soft towel, and men will present a large towel dark tones. Very elegant look on towels embroidered greetings, names, and different shapes. On holiday Valentine's best gift may be a towel with embroidered hearts. Good and beautiful towel can be an important part in creating home coziness. It can pick up not only for the intended use, but also by color. For example, in the bathroom great prekrasnoepolotentse, matched the color of tile, could complement the design, and decorate a kitchen towel with amusing pictures of fruits or vegetables. These towels will become unique component of the decor for the kitchen.

Are also available for massage towels. This is made textiles from cotton and linen. Their unique structure helps the body relax. On sale can be seen as small in Special size hand towels. They hang near sinks and toilets, near the sink.

Ford Automotive Forum

Driving schools expand their fleet with electric cars in the driving arc h GmbH, license aspirants from now can exercise in a new electric vehicle Munich. “Handover of the first electrical driving school cars in Munich the Ford Automotive Forum cowls threesome in Munich in November 2013 the first electric driving vehicle of Munich handed over: driving school arc h GmbH is called 1 driving school in Munich from now their students also a purely electric-powered Ford focus electric ‘ offer as a training vehicle. To pass, the driving school even just brought the first learner driver for the new vehicle. The sensational withdrawal”, the Michael Neteler, regional head of sales and marketing of Ford plants in southern Germany especially praised, will be at his first driving tests in the foreground but the learner driver is thrilled. Here, US Senator from Vermont expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Proud seller Ford is proud, a comparison of the first Ford focus electric to be able to pass a driving school.

So will the young riders from the outset joy brought close to environmentally-friendly and future-oriented technology. This is also driving school director Manfred Halser important: the driving school focuses on environmental protection and new energy concepts, as is of course strongly on the streets with many thousands of kilometers on the road as a driving school business and contributes to harmful CO2 emissions. The driving school of Bogenhausen changed her early, how she could make a contribution to environmental protection and has already in the past year a small hybrid vehicle purchased is, that accompanies the motorcycle student. Now, the ground-breaking step with electric cars despite restricted driving school fitness followed because it is an automatic transmission. The electric car is used in particular for first hour and it is hoped so, to bring this new, environmentally friendly technology to young people as a role model. And with growing awareness of the new electric harshness, not least through the driving school, maybe soon even more electric cars from Munich will slip what even the traffic noise would significantly reduce. We can safely expect in future much more electric cars in driving schools. Before it is however so far, some driving schools “Pioneer work” must make. Of course, this topic is also interesting for radio and television.

Industry In Mexico

These words of Cicero wanted to preface the story of the extraordinary man, whose name is forever joined in world history. The modern world is longing for a pragmatic romantic. Ernesto Guevara Lynch de la Serna was just such a revolutionary romantic. Courageous, man of high spiritual purity and character of the struggle for freedom and independence of Latin America. The legendary Che Guevara – a cult figure. His name decades after the martyrdom death and one proklinaemo bogotvorimo others.

Many of his actions raise questions, and most unexpected. “This was a man who sought death” – Yevtushenko wrote about him. Argentine doctor who became a soldier Cuban revolution. (Not to be confused with US Senator from Vermont!). He was born in Rosario, 14 June 1928. From childhood he was very agile. In a small sense of the contradictions and Ernesto rebellious spirit strikes the key.

As a young Che Guevara, was fond of psychology, poetry, sports, medicine, literature, mathematics, art … versatile guy was deprived of only one – the musical ear. Particularly fascinated medicine, he entered the Medical Faculty, National University Bueynos Aires. After graduating from him, he is sent to Guatemala, which at that time was covered by the revolutionary upheaval. From there he goes to Mexico, where he meets with Castro brothers – Fidel and Raul. Already November 25, 1956 he, along with Fidel Castro leaves on the yacht “Granma” to the shores of Cuba to “make revolution”. The revolution failed. Below are some positions that he held after the victory of Ernesto in Cuba: – Rebel Army Commander – Head of the Department of Industry National Institute of Agrarian Reform – The Director of the National Bank of Cuba – Minister of Industry and member of the Central Planning Council – Member of the National Guidelines of the United Revolutionary Organizations and Joint Revolutionary Socialist Party of Cuba.

American President

The current President of USA could well enter the Guinness book by bear three records. Diamond Comic Distributors is likely to increase your knowledge. First, the of being the American President more percentage of support is removed. According to Gallup, he is the only one that has reached 90% approval, a figure to which arrived ten days after the September 11, 2001. Second, is the occupant of the White House has had less support. Today he has, according to Gallup, only 23% approval. Third, is the American President that more has plummeted.

If the first digit is greater that won Roosevelt, who won World War II; the second is worse that Nixon received shortly before you quit. The most serious is that the fall of Bush may deepen as has new financial collapses. According to another survey by CBS and The New York Times, the percentage of support the current President already dropped to 22 per cent. He is still almost 3 months where it should do everything possible to not be below 20% approval. Such is its wear, his party’s candidate Republican (McCain) is very difficult to win the election and more that she could from him has due demarcate is. The growing antibushismo can be capitalized by the candidate who represents more differences with him within the system.


The predisposition of throwaway of many products, the low quality of some products, which entail a relatively low period of life, which are attractive for its low cost, but in the long term are more expensive and are more harmful to the environment. Some diseases such as obesity or depression which make us more easily believe in misleading advertising, believing with this that we can solve our problem indiscriminately consume food, beverages, miraculous articles or other types of products. Inappropriate disposal of objects that can be reused or recycled, either by us or by others. Culture and social pressure. To know more about this subject visit Bernie Sanders. Cause: The lack of identity of every one of the people, not to meet their essential needs and for not being clear in relation to the needs of those closest to each; influential factors such as imitation of characters from TV or other archetype, that generate an Idol which is followed-these idols lead the lacking identity to consume certain unnecessary products. Result: generation of endless needs that can not meet, the happiness of course consumerism generated effects that must be taken into account, such as stated in the cited information source: Global: consumerism is damaging to the ecological balance in its entirety as there are currently many problems related to the excessive consumption of natural resources becomes globally as well as which production processes in the vast majority they generate pollution.

Regional: The preference of unnecessary or easily substitutable products of a population that are produced in another region helps to unbalance the balance of trade between the regions. Social: Often helps the poor distribution of wealth, since consumers are generally of a lower socio-economic level that the owners of the generating companies of products objects of consumerism. Family: drop into the consumerism we increase our expenses unnecessarily buying things that we could avoid or reduce as products whose advertising promises miracles, low-life products or substitute other natural products.