Classic Art


In imparcialista literature the tender auto-aid does not exist because in imparcialista literature all the literary sorts are in function of the man and its autoone, its self-knowledge. This is literature in function of the man and not only in function of the art, in this direction imparcialista literature goes in the contrahand of the classic conception of the art, that is the art an imitation of the life, imparcialista literature does not imitate the life, not even it makes masters and unattachable ideals of beauty as it occurs in the classic conception of the art. Click George Kelly for additional related pages. Imparcialista literature part of the man for he himself and in it remains searching deciphers it exactly itself, diagnosiss it so that this man walks for the self-knowledge. the ideal of being is an illusion that the man does not allow to know itself exactly as it is without the ornaments of the art. In imparcialista literature the man is what he is, and of this state of lucidity of being the man is not plus an ideal of being, and yes it is in fact. In imparcialista literature the Corcunda de Notredame does not need if to hide because we are all mostruosos in some aspect and does not have disguise that it hides our fair and not it extreme ornaments for our beauty. We do not make critical, and yes impartial stories and constataes on the reality.

J.Nunez the classic art if developed in same itself and for same itself, with the objective to reproduce the life. In the contrahand of the history of the art the imparcialismo studies the life to reproduce the life with the intention to exactly disclose to the man itself through the art. J.Nunez Our function is not to clean the dirt, but yes it points it, changes fit to the individuals. J.Nunez the Imparcialidade starts to be partiality and persecution after very saying what already it was said and more than understood. .