Experts Recommend Overnight And Short-term Fixed-term Deposit

More and more experts to day – or fixed-term deposit accounts with a maximum one-year maturity rates currently high interest rates. Not only banks recommended currently the investment of money on daily or fixed-term deposit accounts, even experts such as those of the specialist magazine Finanztest”currently advise. Tell a friend about however, either a tag account or a maximum one-year term deposit offer to choose, because the interest rates for longer terms are only slightly more, but severely restrict the availability of established money for the investors. Who wants to have his money spent daily, attacks the day money account, must however take into account that the interest every day is adjusted by the Bank by a fixed interest period, offered by many banks for a period from account opening, apart. The interested reader on the following page can obtain an overview of current offers and interest rates that offers him also statistics about interest rate movements: day money account who his money, however, also spare time over six or twelve months, should access to the deposit. As compensation for the worse availability over a day money account, investors there have the security that is the agreed interest rate over the entire period.

Moreover, the interest would be paid out only in 2009. This has the advantage that it must then only still with (plus solidarity surcharge and possibly falling church tax) the tax rate of 25 percent rather than how so far are taxed at the personal tax rate for investors. Interested readers can find compared on the following page which interest currently selected provider here, grant: investors who want to create larger amounts, should have fixed-term deposit special attention at the deposit insurance. Just for the money, there are currently a number of foreign banks, which offer very attractive interest rates, where the safety limits are very low and restricted to the statutory sum. Daniel Franke