The Fuel

To store it uses special containers, which are usually dig in the ground. Easier to use, and cheaper (not much) gas only electric heating boilers. However, the amount you see the bill for electricity can severely impair a good impression on a purchase. In addition, powerful electric boiler requires a connection to a three-phase line voltage of 380 V, and hold it to your house and get permission the use of power equipment in many cases considerably more expensive than connecting to the gas main. From the same network with a voltage of 220 V, you can power the boiler heating capacity not more than 6-8 kW, and for the system heating of private houses, as a rule, not because heat loss at home in most cases exceed this amount. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Martin O?Malley by clicking through. Yes, and dedicated to building electric power may be low for continuous operation of the unit, Considering the need for other electrical power (eg, electric, pump equipment, etc.). Therefore, electric boiler should be viewed as an extra in case of disruptions gas supply (though we have much more cut off electricity). Fuel oil heating boilers are almost as efficient and easy to use, as well as gas and diesel oil but still significantly more expensive.

In addition, you will probably only have to equip the boiler room, because in addition to the boiler must be placed somewhere, and fuel tanks (preferably dig into the ground). And the smell of diesel fuel is unlikely to add to your home comfort. Since the combustion diesel fuel makes considerably more soot than gas, then clean the inner chamber of the need to regularly: if the layer of soot exceed 2 mm, the fuel consumption will increase by approximately 8%.

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